Major security scare after intruder runs onto jet at UK airport

AN airport intruder ran to a jet and danced at the top of its steps — sparking a major security ­investigation.

The man spent three hours airside before being cornered by armed police yesterday.

Cops move in towards the man in shorts who managed to run past security and reach the jet at London City AirportSupplied

The man is apprehended and restrained on the ground beside the jetSupplied

A source said: “It’s unacceptable that an intruder can breeze past security officers.

“He could have had a weapon or explosives.

“A major investigation has been launched by airport bosses.”

The breach at London City Airport came with travel hubs on alert for Just Stop Oil protesters.

Police were first notified at 6.45am as the intruder loitered near a security post.

When the gate was lifted for a catering van, the man jogged past officials.

He reached an ITA Airways jet due to leave for Milan at 7.40am.

Wearing just shorts, he performed a wild dance by the door.

Footage shows police bundling him to the floor in front of startled passengers.

He was stopped by up to ten officers and arrested at 9.45am for breach of security and public nuisance.

The incident caused three hours of delays.

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