Man who was peed on by wedding DJ live on Snapchat hits out at him

Cancer patient Peter Barton branded DJ Leigh Brookfield a ‘filthy animal’ (Picture: TBM)

A prostate cancer patient has branded the DJ jailed for urinating on him a ‘filthy animal’ – and slammed his 14-week prison sentence as ‘too soft’.

Peter Barton, 72, believes Leigh Brookfield should have been locked up for six months for the Boxing Day assault, which he has described as ‘inhuman and really evil’.

Brookfield, 40, filmed himself urinating on Mr Barton while both men were using the toilets at Llanelli Tennis and Squash Club in south-west Wales, then shared the footage on Snapchat.

When Barton had told Brookfield he had been diagnosed with prostate cancer, the part-time wedding DJ responded ‘sorry to hear that’, then proceeded to urinate on him.

However, the retired builder didn’t realise what had happened – and was left bemused when Brookfield later asked him to smile for a picture at the bar.

Mr Barton told Mail Online: ‘He told me: “I’ve got you twice now”, I didn’t know what he was on about.

‘The next morning the chairman of the squash club knocked on my door at 8am to tell me what happened.

‘I was disgusted,’ the father-of-two and grandfather said.

Mr Barton said the incident ‘affected my dignity’ (Picture: TBM)

Brookfield pleaded guilty to common assault and was jailed at Llanelli Magistrates’ Court on Thursday.

The dad-of-one will miss the birth of his birth of his new baby as a result of being behind bars, the court heard.

Mr Barton, who was diagnosed with prostate cancer three months ago, said: ‘I’m glad he went to jail but 14 weeks isn’t long enough for him.

‘I have enough problems at the moment without having to put up with such vile behaviour from the likes of him.’

Part of the ‘vile’ footage uploaded to Snapchat(Picture: Wales News Service)

Mr Barton, whose wife Delyth died eight years ago, enjoys visiting the squash club to spend time with friends.

‘I go for the company, there are some nice people there who take an interest in me and my health problems,’ he added.

‘But then you get a filthy animal like him coming in and spoiling it.’

Brookfield pleaded guilty to common assault ahead of his sentencing (Picture: Wales News Service)

And he described his embarrassment over the incident which has ‘affected my dignity’, he said.

The local community has since rallied around Mr Barton, launching a fundraiser and sending him gifts.

Brookfield was also ordered to pay the pensioner £500 in compensation, which he plans to spend on visiting his granddaughter in Belgium.

‘Now my wife has gone, she’s my favourite person anywhere. I’d love to go and see her,’ he said.

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