Mark Cuban’s Quote About Trump’s Influence Explodes Online

Billionaire investor Mark Cuban is a longtime Republican, but he’s not a card-carrying member of the dominant MAGA wing of the GOP. Cuban’s support for initiatives like Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion, as well as his lack of support for Donald Trump — the presumptive GOP presidential nominee — don’t sit well with MAGA adherents.

Not one to back down from an argument, Cuban puts his viewpoints out very publicly on social media, and he routinely argues his side of the issues with myriad Trump supporters — from workaday folks to fellow billionaires like investor Bill Ackman.

Over the weekend Cuban shared a quote he attributed to an Ohio farmer that claimed the Democratic Party differed from the Republican Party in part because the Democrats host many voices, while the GOP has narrowed its focus to suit a single voice — the voice of Donald Trump. The assertion exploded online, where it quickly saw nearly 3 million views on X.

“In the Democratic party, not everybody gets their way, but everybody gets a voice. In the Republican party, there’s just one voice.”

Christopher Gibbs, Farmer, Shelby County Ohio

— Mark Cuban (@mcuban) June 22, 2024

Cuban was questioned in the comments by Green Bay Packers fan David Johnson, who accused him of being frivolous (“you can’t be serious with that quote”) and asking the billionaire “you really believe that?”

Johnson’s question left unclear whether he doubted the Democratic Party’s credentials as inclusive, or instead doubted the notion that Republicans had sacrificed their own plurality on the altar of Trump loyalty. But Cuban’s share found plenty of support in the comments to back up the quote from Ohio.

In 2020, the Republicans abandoned their entire platform in favor of “whatever Trump says”. This proves the point.

— Kevin H. (@kevinrhansenjr) June 23, 2024

A fellow commenter who was educated in Shelby concurred with Cuban and the farmer, asking “what other voice is there?” And writing: “Serious question.”

Hey David. I went to school in Shelby County, OH and this is absolutely true. What other voice is there? Serious question?

— Hewitt (@HewtwittOhio) June 23, 2024

NOTE: One doesn’t need to dislike Trump or be against Trumpism to find the statement largely factual — many of Trump’s biggest supporters have asserted that the GOP has been remade in his image and that this is good; they support it.

hard to write a more accurate statement

— Charlie (@charlie) June 23, 2024

Others brought up the case of Virginia’s Bob Good as evidence of Trump’s overwhelming influence in the party. The Republican Congressman — with an exemplary record of conservative voting — was challenged from the right in the 5th District after supporting Ron DeSantis, not Trump, for President during the GOP presidential primary.

The “backstabber” charge that Trump supporters hung on Good for his DeSantis support — despite his now being behind Trump’s candidacy — probably ended his career in the House.

hard to write a more accurate statement

— Charlie (@charlie) June 23, 2024

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