Matt Eberflus takes responsibility, but gives no specifics on why Bears collapsed vs. Lions

Matt Eberflus is 6-22 as Bears head coach.

Paul Sancya/AP

Coaches always want players to look at the film and see what needs to be improved, but they need to do it, too.

Bears coach Matt Eberflus now has presided over two brutal collapses this season, most recently a 31-26 loss to the Lions in which his team took a 26-14 lead with 4:15 left. The Bears also led the Broncos 28-7 late in the third quarter in Week 4 before losing 31-28 at home.

There are a lot of reasons why they fell apart at Ford Field on Sunday, but they all trace back to Eberflus. When asked Monday what he should’ve handled differently, he kept it vague.

“You always look and say, ‘Should I have called this, should I have called that, should I be more aggressive here? Less aggressive there?” he said, then highlighted strong finishes against the Commanders, Raiders and Panthers. “You’ve got to have the right calls and put your guys in position. And for the Carolina game we did that… It’s about putting guys in position. It’s about making plays as a player.”

When pressed for specific decisions of his that cost the Bears against the Lions, Eberflus declined to answer and said, “I’m not going to get into that because that would be talking to the next opponent.”

The loss dropped the Bears to 3-8 and Eberflus to 6-22 as head coach.

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