Meet the 15 richest people in finance, who have a collective net worth of over $300 billion

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15. Uday Kotak

Net worth: $11.5 billion

Age: 61

Country of citizenship: India

Source of wealth: Self-made; Kotak Mahindra Bank

Kotak is one of the richest bankers in India and runs Kotak Mahindra Bank, a publicly traded company based in Mumbai, per his Bloomberg profile. Founded in 1985, the bank is currently worth $34.6 billion and employs 60,000 people. The business started as a finance firm before becoming a bank in 2003.

According to GQ India, Kotak grew up in a large joint family of 60 people and had aspirations to play cricket before settling on banking and finance. 

“I regret not becoming a professional cricketer. I was hit by a cricket ball and I had a surgery when I was 19 years old and that changed my life. My family stopped me from playing cricket or else I would be a cricketer now talking about cricket and sports which is a big passion for me,” Kotak told the Economic Times in April 2020.

14. Mikhail Prokhorov

Net worth: $12.1 billion

Age: 55

Country of citizenship: Russia

Source of wealth: Self-made

Prokhorov is the founder and owner of the Russian private investment firm Onexim Group. He also has stakes in Renaissance Capital and Renaissance Credit, both banks.

He also famously owned the NBA franchise Brooklyn Nets. Prokhorov bought the team — then known as the New Jersey Nets — for less than $400 million in 2009 and sold it in 2019 for $2.35 billion. 

In June 2020, Onexim Sports and Entertainment indefinitely closed The Nassau Coliseum in Long Island, which the company operates on a lease from the county, while shopping around for new investors, Bloomberg reported.

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13. Petr Kellner

Net worth: $12.5 billion

Age: 56

Country of citizenship: Czech Republic

Source of wealth: Self-made; finance, telecommunications

The richest man in the Czech Republic, Petr Kellner began his career by selling office supplies; he then embarked on an investment fund by borrowing $1 million against an office supplies business. Through the fund, he acquired a controlling stake in an insurer during its privatization.

Kellner is a major shareholder in Dutch holding company PPF Group N.V., which controls the PPF Group. The investment firm owns controlling interest in the Czech consumer finance company, Home Credit.

12. David Tepper

Net worth: $12.6 billion

Age: 62

Country of citizenship: United States

Source of wealth: Self-made; finance, hedge fund 

Tepper cofounded the hedge fund company Appaloosa Management in 1993. Forbes called him “arguably the greatest hedge fund manager of his generation,” reporting that the company currently manages $13 billion. 

He has degrees from the University of Pittsburgh and Carnegie Mellon. He also worked for Goldman Sachs before leaving to found Appaloosa.

Tepper bought the football team the Carolina Panthers for $2.3 billion in 2018 and is the richest man in the NFL.

11. Joseph Safra

Net worth: $14.8 billion

Age: 82

Country of citizenship: Brazil

Source of wealth: Self-made; Banco …read more

Source:: Business Insider


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