Meghan Markle and Prince Harry are reportedly already looking for jobs to help them become ‘financially independent’ of the crown. Here are all the ways they could earn money in their post-royal life.

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Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have already begun fielding gigs for their post-royal careers, Vanity Fair reports.
Meghan and Harry will step back entirely from their royal duties, stop receiving public funding, forgo their HRH titles, and be able to earn their own money starting in the spring, Buckingham Palace announced last month.
The Duke and Duchess of Sussex could take on jobs similar to those of former presidents — writing books and giving speeches — in their quest to become “financially independent,” one royal commentator told Business Insider.
Although the former actress’s return to the screen is unlikely, it wouldn’t be unprecedented.
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The Sussexes may have already started looking for jobs for their post-royal lives.

Prince Harry recently held discussions with Goldman Sachs while Meghan is considering doing voiceover work for Disney in exchange for a charitable donation, Vanity Fair reported Wednesday. News of the couple’s potential gigs comes less than a month after they came to an agreement with the Queen to completely step back from their royal duties starting in the spring. Buckingham Palace also said in a statement the Sussexes will stop receiving money from the sovereign fund and cease using their HRH titles.

Harry and Meghan announced via Instagram on January 8 their intention to take a “progressive new role” within the royal family — starting with footing their own bills.

How will Meghan and Harry make money now?

Royal commentators told Business Insider that the royal couple will likely use book deals and speaking engagements to fund their luxurious tastes going forward.

Even though Harry has never had a job outside of his military service, it likely won’t take much effort for them to start raking in multimillion-dollar paychecks. The Sussexes have “great earning potential,” royal commentator and author Kristen Meinzer told Business Insider.

“We could easily compare them to any former presidents,” Meinzer said. “My mind keeps going to Barack and Michelle Obama and how [they] make money. The reason I compare the two is that they’re already friends with each other and I would put them on the same level in terms of fame.”

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex will likely start receiving book offers as soon as they are cleared to generate their own income, and the value of those offers will likely be in the neighborhood of the $60 million advance that the Obamas were reportedly paid for the rights to their memoirs in 2017, according to Meinzer.

The Atlantic’s Joanna Weiss theorized that the couple could leverage their massively popular @SussexRoyal Instagram account with sponsored content, but Meinzer says she doesn’t expect that the couple will be hawking Sugar Bear Hair vitamins like Kylie Jenner and the Kardashians.

Will Meghan start acting again?

Similarly, “Suits” fans shouldn’t get their hopes up that the Duchess will return to the small screen, according to Meinzer. “I’m not certain that that would make sense for her at this point,” Meinzer …read more

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