Meghan Markle and Princess Beatrice may have a secret friendship


March 18, 2023 | 10:05 p.m

Princess Beatrice apparently allowed Prince Harry and Meghan Markle to film their Netflix series at their Wendy House. Netflix

While Meghan Markle has fallen out of favor with almost the entire royal family, she may secretly be in a close relationship with one of Prince Harry’s cousins, according to a report.

The fiercely loyal and notoriously private Princess Beatrice – the eldest daughter of the allegedly perverted Prince Andrew – appears to have lent the couple her royal digs for the filming of their bombshell Netflix documentary, the DailyMail reported.

One image from the series shows Harry and Meghan giddy sipping a cup of tea at the Queen’s Wendy House in the grounds of the Royal Lodge of Windsor.

The Sussexes sit in high chairs near the front windows of the oversized playhouse, which Beatrice has owned since the Queen gave it to her in 2010.

It’s not clear if Beatrice knew what the exact nature of the Netflix series – which exposed multiple family feuds and secrets – was when she let the controversial couple bring the cameras inside, the outlet said.

Beatrice has apparently kept up the friendly relationship that began when Meghan was still an American actress. The two became friends through younger sister Eugenie, who is best friends with fashion designer Misha Nonoo with Meghan.

Princess Beatrice knew Meghan even before she started dating Prince HarrySamir Hussein/WireImage

The 34-year-old princess is also reportedly keeping in touch with Harry – all of the royal cousins ​​are staying in touch on a WhatsApp group chat.

Other members of the Windsor line, notably Prince William, Kate Middleton and King Charles, are expected to give the Duke and Duchess the cold shoulder if they decide to attend the historic coronation in May, which the couple will attend will only participate if the royals give in to a series of demands.

Meghan and Beatrice share a number of close friends, WireImage

Beatrice has never publicly commented on her cousin and cousin-in-law’s dramatic departure from the royal family or the chaos that ensued.

The Duke and Duchess returned the tacit favor but openly criticized their father Prince Andrew’s alleged ties to Jeffrey Epstein’s sex trafficking scheme.

Harry called the scandal “embarrassing” in his recently released memoir, comparing the alleged crimes to perceived wrongdoings by himself and Meghan.

“People might have a lot of complaints about us, but sexual offenses weren’t one of them,” Harry wailed.

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