Moment ‘Great White SHARK’ is spotted off coast of UK beach after terrified beachgoers saw fin in the water

THIS IS the moment beachgoers were convinced they’d spotted a Great White Shark off the coast of the UK.

Shocked Emily Rushton and her husband Dan were out for a stroll around Goring-by-Sea in West Sussex when they spotted the unsettling sight.

Kennedy NewsEmily and Dan claimed to have spotted a shark while walking their dog[/caption]

Kennedy NewsShe took a picture with her phone of what it seems to be a black rectangular on the coastline[/caption]

Kennedy NewsAn expert claimed it could be a great white shark[/caption]

The couple were walking their 11-year-old dog, Woody, at the beach when they saw what they believed was a fin poking from the surface of the water.

What initially seemed like a normal object turned into a heart-pounding moment when they realised they could be in the presence of a white shark.

When it would swim along for a bit we could see it was definitely triangular in shape.

Emily Rushtonbeachgoer

The couple claimed to have spotted a triangular shape slicing through the water that sent shivers down their spines.

Emily, from Worthing, said: “At first it just looked like something black and something triangular in the water.

“That’s what made it stand out really. We could see it moving and said ‘that looks like a fin’. It wasn’t that rough so in the blue water you could see it quite clearly there was something different there.”

They then rushed to immediately take pictures of the shocking sighting.

Emily, who was the first to spot the thrilling encounter, described how the fin emerged from the depths just like a wild animal.

As she zoomed in with her phone, the mother claimed she could spot a shark.

She added: “We got our phones out to zoom in. It wasn’t very far off though. It was before the buoys. As we kept looking, it would go under the water then come back up again and move along.

“When it would swim along for a bit we could see it was definitely triangular in shape. We thought ‘oh my goodness’, that is definitely a fin. As it got slightly towards the shallower parts, where it was a bit clearer, you could see a body shape underneath it.

“It was a lot clearer just looking at it yourself than in the video but with the phones we could see and were like ‘yeah, that’s definitely a shark’. We were proper excited because we’re on the beach every day and we never see anything.”

The sighting comes after another incident two years ago when a similar fin was spotted in the same waters.

Shark expert Graem Pullen said that this could indeed be a great white shark.

He added it was possibly living in the protected area along the West Sussex coastline.

Emily said her son was excited to witness the mysterious sighting.

She added: “It’s so amazing, you’re really lucky to be able to see the natural wildlife where it’s meant to be and it doesn’t happen very often.”

But some onlookers were left in horror at the thought of sharing the water with such a dangerous creature.

Comments from fellow beachgoers flooded in, with many claiming to never going back to the ocean again.

One said: “I saw something a while ago, thought it was a seal. But that’s definitely a shark!”

Another added: “That’s definitely a fin to me. I’d say SHARK.” A third wrote: “I wouldn’t be going for a swim to find out in any case!”

And a fourth penned: “Well that’s me never getting my paddleboard out again! Thanks.”

It comes as beachgoers spotted a “shark fin” in the shallows at a popular UK beach.

As families enjoyed the waves at a beach in Waxham, Norfolk, on Sunday, many spectators were horrified to see a suspected shark on the horizon.

Kennedy NewsThe sighting left fellow beachgoers astonished[/caption]

Kennedy NewsA mum left locals vowing not to swim again after claiming to film a ‘Great White’ shark while walking her dog[/caption]

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