A mother has told how her baby boy lost all four of his limbs after a throat infection turned into deadly sepsis.

Abigail Wardle, 23, worried her son Oliver Aisthorpe may be dehydrated when she noticed the ‘soft spot’ at the back of his head was sunken.

The next day, on March 17, medics put the now 11-month-old in a medically-induced coma after they discovered he had sepsis.

Miss Wardle, of Cleethorpes, Lincolnshire, was told twice the youngster would not make it, with the hospital chaplain even coming to baptise him.

Although he pulled through, Oliver’s limbs turned black and ‘died’. Miss Wardle even claims one of his legs ‘self amputated’ and came away in her hands when she lifted him.

After having his remaining limbs removed, the youngster was finally discharged from hospital last month and is adapting well to life with his stumps.

Speaking of the ordeal, Miss Wardle said: ‘He went from laughing and giggling to death’s door within 48 hours and nobody knew what was wrong with him.

‘What we went through was horrendous and I had never been so scared in my life. Some people might feel sorry for us but I feel like the luckiest mum in the world.

‘I still have Oliver with us, he might not have any hands or feet but he is still my smiley, brave little boy.’

Discussing the moment her son’s leg came off in her hand, she added: ‘One day, a nurse was helping me lift Oliver from his bouncy chair back into the bed, and his leg just came away.

‘The doctors came running in and asked me if I wanted to leave the room because it was quite distressing.

‘I told them, “My son’s leg has just fallen off and is hanging on by a thread, I am not going to leave him here”.’

Miss Wardle, a jewellery designer, noticed Oliver was ‘under the weather’ on March 16 when his soft spot appeared sunken.

‘Bulging or fullness’ of the soft spot – posterior fontanelle – is a symptom of sepsis in babies, according to Brenner Children’s Wake Forest Baptist Health.

Miss Wardle claims she took her son to a GP, who told her to give him fluids and Calpol.

When Oliver deteriorated the following day, Miss Wardle took him to see an out-of-hours GP at a local hospital.

‘Oliver had seemed a bit under the weather,’ she said. ‘But that night, he got more ill and seemed lifeless. When I moved him, it was as though his bones were aching.

‘He quickly became very pale and lethargic, and just wasn’t his usual self. I would cuddle him and he was groaning as though his bones were aching.

‘He eventually stopped crying and was just whimpering, as though he didn’t have the energy to cry.’

Miss Wardle tried to feed Oliver but he refused to eat, only wanting a little bit of milk.

Trusting her instincts, the mother-of-one took her son back to hospital. Once there, a nurse took one look at the youngster and rushed him to …read more

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Mother, 23, reveals how her baby’s leg ‘came off in her hand’ due to sepsis

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