My family can’t have fun anymore after jobsworth landlords banned our PADDLING POOL over ‘health risk’

A MOTHER has revealed her anger after being banned from using her paddling pool or having her wedding reception in a shared garden.

Chelsea Davidson, 38, was told to remove the 12ft water feature and warned against celebrating in the communal area on her big day due to “health and safety reasons”.

SWNSThe 12ft paddling pool in the communal yard area in Kent[/caption]

SWNSChelsea Davidson with her petition against the conditions of her housing policy[/caption]

She has now taken down the swimming pool from the garden in Walderslade, Kent, after housing association MHS Homes suggested she was breaching her tenancy agreement, KentOnline reports.

Chelsea said that the pool had been set up between March and September for at least ten years without issue.

She also thinks MHS Homes were aware of the pool, because of another problem which arose eight years ago.

On May 30, she was told over the phone that she had seven days to remove the pool.

She was also warned against hosting her wedding reception in the communal garden when she ties the knot with partner of 19 years Bob Gartward on August 8.

Chelsea said: “We haven’t got anything around this area for the kids, the only thing we ever get is during the holidays and you might have the occasional club at the school but nowhere for teenagers to socialise.

“The kids love playing together. If they’re not outside playing in the pool or kicking a football, they’re trashing my kitchen, baking cakes and rolls. It’s what we do, we love the fun.

“We’ve had barbecues, we’ve had birthday parties, we’ve even had little wedding parties down in the yard over the years.

“But now we’re not allowed barbecues, we’re not allowed to have fun and it’s not allowed to be a communal yard.”

She said that everyone in the area was invited to her wedding reception, saying they are “like a family” and she does not “see what the problem is”.

On June 5, she received a letter, dated May 31, saying the pool was prohibited in communal areas and violates the tenancy management policy.

It also added that an investigation would be launched and Chelsea’s tenancy could be at risk if she did not take down the pool along with any other children’s toys.

An MHS spokesman told KentOnline its customers’ health and safety was its “top priority”, adding: “Communal spaces are a great way of bringing residents together and building a sense of community, but we also have a responsibility to keep people safe in these areas.

SWNSChelsea Davidson showing the empty space where there was once a pool[/caption]

“We understand one of our customers wanted to celebrate their wedding reception in the communal space.

“However, as part of their tenancy agreement, we ask people not to use these spaces for barbeques, which can potentially lead to a fire hazard, or for large family-sized pools or trampolines, which also carry a health and safety risk.

“This is an important part of keeping people safe.”

Social housing appeals process

All social housing landlords have a formal complaints process, according to issue resolution service Resolver.

If an issue cannot be resolved, you may be able to go to the Housing Ombudsman.

If there is a danger to your home or the estate, the issue can be raised with your local council’s Environmental Health department.

There are two key tenancy types – starter and assured tenancies.

Your rights differ depending on what type of tenancy you are in.

A starter tenancy is a trial tenancy, similar to an assured short tenancy.

You have fewer rights from eviction.

After an initial period your contract should become an assured tenancy, unless the Housing Association tries to evict you.

After 12 months you will likely become an assured tenant, granting you better rights.

These include the ability to sub-let part of your home – with the housing association’s prior consent.

You will likely be an introductory tenant if you have been with the housing association for less than a year.

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