Nottingham killer’s cushy hospital stay revealed with Lego and interior design

Calocane will ‘likely’ spend the rest of his life in Ashworth Hopsital (Picture: Alamy)

Nottingham killer Valdo Calocane, who stabbed three people to death, will be having a lush stay at a high-security hospital, new details have revealed.

Calocane will most likely ‘spend the rest of his life’ in Ashworth Hospital’s high-security psychiatric ward – where he will be able to build Lego, play the guitar, and paint.

The 32-year-old triple killer could also have the chance to decorate his room with plants and rugs, as seen in the hospital’s ‘possessions’ catalogue.

A former worker at the hospital told The Sun: ‘He’ll have the freedom to walk around, 24 hours a day.

‘If Calocane’s stable enough and they get his medication right, he can go to social events where they’ll have a film or a show on.

‘He can go and do education, he can go to the gym, arts and crafts. There’s a metal workshop, cookery classes, even a swimming pool.

‘What I found when I was there is that it’s seen as a holiday camp. Prisoners wanted to play the mental health card so they could get moved from jail.’

Caretaker Ian Coates was brutally killed just weeks before his retirement (Picture: PA)

Grace O’Malley-Kumar was killed while walking home (Picture: PA)

Barnaby Webber was killed alongside his friend Grace (Picture: PA)

Calocane savaged three people and injured three others (Picture: PA)

As Calocane is considered dangerous, he will only be permitted to see visitors through glass – though other patients are permitted to ‘hug’ visiting relatives.

The personal possessions catalogue also revealed patients can have technology such as DVD players and TVs, along with net curtains, flags and rugs also permitted in the rooms.

Inside each room, patients have a personal shower and they can also add plants and picture frames to ‘cheer up’ their rooms.

Calocane pleaded guilty at a previous hearing to the manslaughter of the teenagers Barnaby Webber and Grace O’Malley-Kumar, both 19, as well as that of school caretaker Ian Coates, 65, by reason of diminished responsibility.

The court heard he had a ‘serious’ mental illness at the time of the killing spree, believing he was being spied on by his housemates and MI6 and that his family was in danger.

Prosecutor Karim Khalil KC said three psychiatrists had assessed Calocane and concluded that despite suffering paranoid schizophrenia he would have understood the nature of his conduct.

Calocane was arrested in the early morning after his night of killing (Picture: Rex)

The hospital also has a chapel for residents and inmates to use (Picture: Mercury Press Agency)

A hallway of rooms in Ashworth Hospital is seen above (Picture: Mercury Press Agency)

Barnaby’s mother previously warned that the CPS has ‘blood on their hands’ after they missed opportunities to stop the killer.

Emma Webber said ‘serious questions remain’ as to why the CPS and Nottingham Police did not stop Valdo Calocane from murdering her son Barnaby Webber, along with Grace O’Malley-Kumar and Ian Coates on June 13.

A warrant was issued for his arrest in September 2022 after he failed to show up to his summons following an assault on a police officer.

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But he was never arrested, meaning he was free to carrying out his brutal rampage leaving three dead and three others injured.

Judge Mr Justice Tanner said Calocane will ‘very probably’ be detained in a high security hospital for the rest of his life.

Mr Coates’s son James said he feels ‘hatred’ towards his father’s killer who ‘got away with murder’.

He said: ‘He is, to me, the most evil person on this planet. He went out and brutally massacred three people and then attempted to kill another three, but luckily he was caught.’

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