Oakland roads adding to the city’s problems: Letter to the editor

I recently returned from a trip to Indonesia. Imagine my surprise to discover that their roads were better than Oakland’s.

Apparently, Oakland has dropped out of the competition for best roadways. On Aug. 28, 2023, I used the 311 system to report a series of potholes at the intersection of Chelton and Haverhill. They have not been repaired.

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Driving up Chelton is like driving over a half-mile line of giant asphalt muffin tins. The potholes are deep enough to have popped people’s tires.

Repeated calls to supervisors have not been returned or acknowledged.

If money is the problem, making Oakland safer would go a long way to bringing customers back to Oakland businesses, and reducing crimes against retailers would allow them to prosper and pay more taxes.

Maybe then I wouldn’t have to wait nine months to get dangerous potholes repaired.

Gordon Teekell

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