Only Fans model reveals she spent 8 HOURS in a police cell after throwing McDonald’s banana milkshake over Nigel Farage

THE OnlyFans star who threw a milkshake over Nigel Farage has refused to apologise for targeting him and said: “I made my point.”

Victoria Thomas-Bowen, 25, was charged with assault by beating and criminal damage after chucking a banana milkshake over the politician at a campaign rally at Wetherspoons in Clacton, Essex on Tuesday.

Louis Wood News Group Newspapers LtdVictoria Thomas-Bowen threw a banana milkshake over Nigel Farage and now says: ‘I made my point’[/caption]

EPAFarage flinched as he was hit by the sweet drink[/caption]

ONLYFANS/UNPIXSVictoria is an OnlyFans model and has revealed she disagreed with Farage’s comments on immigration and women[/caption]

Louis Wood News Group Newspapers LtdVictoria denied the attack was a publicity stunt, but said she’s made £40,000 since[/caption]

The pay-per-view model vehemently denied that the attack was a stunt – but has now claimed she’s made £40,000 since her arrest from extra subscribers to her adult channel.

Speaking exclusively to The Sun, Victoria – who is a member of the Labour Party – told how she plotted the “milkshaking” just an hour before after spotting a post on Facebook saying that the Reform candidate was visiting the pier in her hometown.

But she insisted it wasn’t a calculated attempt to win her attention.

The former student at a strict all-girls catholic school said she had “hated” Farage since his campaign for Brexit.

She added: “I wanted to see him, I thought, if he is potentially representing me then I will see what he says.

“I have never agreed with his views on immigration or his approach to women.

“I hadn’t had any breakfast, and I was feeling quite lightheaded so I stopped at McDonalds on the way to the pier and got a banana milkshake.

“Then I remembered that he had been milkshaked before.

“I called my mum and I was like: ‘Yeah, I am where Farage is, and I have a milkshake.’

“She was like, ‘You’re not going to do that are you?’

“And I thought, yeah I think I will. So when he came out I just walked right up to him and chucked it.

It is the second time the Brexit champion has been swilled – having been covered head-to-toe in Newcastle in 2019.

Farage had just left the Moon and Starfish Wetherspoon – where he kicked off his battle for Parliament – when he was targeted.

The blonde woman pushed her way through the vast crowds before hurling her milkshake at the Reform leader from point-blank range.

ONLYFANS/UNPIXSVictoria spent eight hours in the police station after soaking the Reform leader[/caption]

EPANigel Farage is running for election in Clacton-on-sea, Essex[/caption]

Louis Wood News Group Newspapers LtdShe’s told The Sun that she won’t apologise for the alleged assault ‘because it was only a milkshake’[/caption]

FacebookShe is a member of the Labour Party[/caption]

It was also right in front of the assembled press pack who were there to watch Farage’s campaign launch.

“But I didn’t think about it being all over the news. I don’t even remember what happened after that. I walked off and people were walking after me, but I wanted to get away.

“Reporters were asking my name and I didn’t tell anyone. So how could it have been a PR stunt?”

After spending eight hours in the police station, Victoria was released and is due to appear before magistrates on 2nd July in Chelmsford.

She added: “I couldn’t believe it when I was released. It was everywhere.

“I saw the footage, but I wouldn’t say I regretted it.

“I wouldn’t apologise to him because it was only a milkshake.

“I know people are saying that it could have been something else and he might have been scared, so I do hope he wasn’t scared.
I made my point and I don’t regret that.

“I made 2,000 extra followers on each of my two Only Fan pages. So I guess, with hindsight, it was a good PR stunt if I had planned it like that, but I didn’t.

“I have had men messaging me saying they were signing up so I could buy a new milkshake.

“They are saying nice things about what I did and that it was a good move.”

In spite of the positives, Victoria, who studied law, math, sociology and business at college, revealed she had also had abuse from online trolls telling her they would put her in a “cage” and attacking her appearance.

I wouldn’t apologise to him because it was only a milkshake

Victoria Thomas-Bowen

And she went on: “All the abuse about my appearance and my job is typical.

“Straight away it was spun like: ‘Oh, it’s an Only Fans girl.’

“Like, they were saying I didn’t know anything about politics and it was just a stunt.

“There were lot of comments about how I look and if I was a man, that wouldn’t happen – because it is totally irrelevant.

“Is it so beyond people to think that maybe an Only Fans woman is interested in politics and wanted to make a point?

“I have been into politics since I was 15.

“It has always interested me and I have always kept up-to-date with what is going on in the country. Is that a shock to people?”

Victoria has been a member of the Labour party since 2019 but now says she wants to cancel her membership and is unsure who to vote for in the upcoming election.

She said: ” I don’t really 100 percent align with the leader of any of the major parties, but I’ve always voted Labour, so that’s probably where I’ll go. I think that the election is necessary to get rid of the Tories at the moment because they’ve not done anything good for the country.”

Asked what she would do if Farage got the Clacton seat in the election, she said: ” I would move. I wouldn’t live here anymore.”

Farage — who led the Leave campaign in the UK’s 2016 EU referendum — has said he is running for a parliamentary seat in Clacton-on-Sea, a coastal town in the east of England, which recorded huge support for Brexit.

A prior YouGov poll had the Conservatives predicted winning that seat.

It marks the politician-turned-media personality’s eighth attempt to become an MP.

EPAFarage is campaigning for his eighth attempt to become an MP[/caption]

ONLYFANS/UNPIXSVictoria studied law, math, sociology and business at college[/caption]

InstagramThe model has plenty of raunchy photos on her OnlyFans and Instagram pages[/caption]

Farage was also milkshaked in 2019

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