Orange cloud of dust from Sahara is heading towards the UK

A Saharan dust cloud is heading for the UK (Picture: Copernicus EU)

The Met Office has warned that a Saharan dust cloud is sweeping its way towards the UK.

Don’t bother washing your car any time soon as the phenomena could well mean your vehicle is left covered by the orange dust.

The fine dust from the Sahara Desert in Africa is set to travel nearly 5,000km (3,100 miles) to the UK, and is expected to be washed down from the atmosphere by rain falling as red dirt.

We saw a similar cloud envelop the UK last year, which led to spectacular sunsets as well as filthy cars, as well as in 2022 and 2019.

A Met Office spokesperson said on X: ‘This amazing image captures a plume of Saharan dust moving out of Africa and into the Atlantic.

‘Some of this dust will make its way towards us over the coming days.

‘Southerly winds will push some of the dust towards the UK.

‘Watch out for enhanced sunsets and sunrises – perhaps some dust deposits on cars with any passing rain.’

Sustained upper wind means the dust can travel uninterrupted for days in one direction – long enough to reach the UK.

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The dust brings amazing red sunsets because they scatter blue light more than red.

When the sun is low in the sky, the light has further to travel so the blue light is scattered too much to see it. The Saharan dust exacerbates this effect and turns the skies a deeper red colour during dawn and dusk.

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