Package brazenly stolen from doorstep just seconds after driver delivers it

The FedEx delivery driver was left shocked as a porch pirate grabbed a package seconds after he left it at the home (Pictures: Kyle Dorsch/TMX)

A particularly brazen porch thief stole a package from a doorstep a mere seconds after the delivery driver dropped it off.

The FedEx driver was left speechless as the crime happened right before his eyes.

Doorbell camera footage shows the FedEx driver walking up to a home in Columbus, Ohio, holding a brown box in his left hand.

As the driver reaches the porch, a person is seen running up on the street.

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The driver leaves the box on the ground and knocks on the door.

Just seconds later, a man wearing a hood covering his head runs up and snatches the package and flees. The driver appears frozen in disbelief and looks on as the thief disappears.

The resident opens the door and the driver says helplessly, ‘He just took your package. I set it down…’

Kyle Dorsch, who had ordered an Apple Watch, was also left stunned.

The porch pirate remains at large and has not been identified (Picture: Kyle Dorsch/TMX)

‘I was shocked,’ Dorsch told ABC News. ‘I mean, I thought maybe it was a joke at first.’

Dorsh said expressed frustration with the porch pirate issue, which he said has become common in his neighborhood.

‘They said it’s been happening a lot in our area, so, you know, I just feel bad,’ he said. ‘It’s a lot of people, including ourselves, work hard to get the things we have and for them just to be taken.’

The thief last week remains at large and has not been identified by cops.

It is the latest incident of doorstep theft in the US.

In March, a California resident who ordered two iPhone chargers discovered through his doorbell camera footage that thief disguised as a garbage bag crept up and took his package. The resident spotted white shoes poking out from under the black bag.

‘At first I was kinda angry but when I saw the video again I was laughing because people (these) days have a lot of creativity,’ said Omar Gabriel Munoz.

‘That was a good one.’

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