Margaret “Peggy” Cordray is the wife of Ohio Democratic gubernatorial candidate Richard Cordray. She is a respected law professor at Capital University in Columbus.

Here’s what you need to know.

1. Richard & Peggy Cordray Have Been Married Since 1992 & Have Twin Children

Happy 26th anniversary to my wife and partner, Peggy Cordray. I love you so much!

— Rich Cordray (@RichCordray) July 11, 2018

Richard and Peggy Cordray tied the knot in 1992. On July 11, 2018, Richard publicly celebrated their 26th anniversary by sharing a photo of them cutting the cake on their wedding day. He wrote, “Happy 26th anniversary to my wife and partner, Peggy Cordray. I love you so much!”

The family lives in Grove City, a suburb of Columbus located about 10 miles south of the city center. The Cordrays have two children, fraternal twins named Holly and Danny.

According to his Facebook page, Danny was a student at Duke University. Holly appears to have been on the drill team and danced during high school, based on her Facebook photos.

2. Peggy Cordray is a Professor at Capital University Law School in Columbus, Ohio

Happy Parents Day! Of course, every day feels like your special day when you are lucky enough to be a parent.

— Rich Cordray (@RichCordray) July 22, 2018

Peggy Cordray earned a bachelor’s degree from the University of the Pacific in Stockton, California. She graduated summa cum laude. She went on to earn a law degree from the Boalt Hall School of Law at U.C. Berkeley. Cordray completed her formal education with a Bachelor in Civil Law degree from Oxford University in England.

Cordray joined the faculty at Capital University Law School in 1992. According to her bio, “she currently teaches Evidence, Contracts, and Interviewing & Counseling.”

3. Peggy Cordray Designed a Program That Connects Law Students With Homeowners Going Through Foreclosure

Prof. Peggy Cordray leads the #MockClass at our #ExperienceCapitalLaw #OpenHouse! #LawSchool @CapitalLaw

— ExperienceCapitalLaw (@CapLawAdmission) November 14, 2015

One of the programs Cordray is best known for spearheading at Capital is the Foreclosure Mediation Preparation Project. It is a pro bono program that helps to educate homeowners about what to expect before going through mediation. Law students work directly with people going through foreclosure. The program is run in conjunction with the Franklin County Courts.

Cordray described the project on its website. “People are coming into these mediations representing themselves. It’s very stressful and intimidating. Many of them have absolutely no idea what mediation is. They don’t know what to expect. They think a judge will be deciding their case that day. They often come without the necessary documents…

It was important that the law students have a role that is meaningful for the person they are working with. This had to be valuable and educational for the students as well. We didn’t want the students doing just clerical work.”

Cordray said that …read more



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Peggy Cordray, Richard Cordray’s Wife: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

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