Pete Buttigieg is uniquely disliked by Democrats across the spectrum even as he surges in early states

Democratic presidential candidates former South Bend Mayor Pete Buttigieg and Sen. Bernie Sanders, I-Vt., shake hands on stage Friday, Feb. 7, 2020, before the start of a Democratic presidential primary debate hosted by ABC News, Apple News, and WMUR-TV at Saint Anselm College in Manchester, N.H.

With his strong showing in Iowa and surge in New Hampshire, former Mayor Pete Buttigieg’s list of critics is expanding across the ideological spectrum.
After Buttigieg beat former Vice President Joe Biden, in Iowa and is set to do the same in New Hampshire, moderates began to turn their ire on the former mayor.
Rather than attacking his policies and rhetoric — as progressives long have — moderates like Biden are challenging Buttigieg’s qualifications and experience, and asserting he’s not prepared to be president.

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Former Mayor Pete Buttigieg has long drawn the ire of progressives, particularly the young and online subset. But with his strong showing in Iowa and surge in New Hampshire, he’s now attracting sustained attacks from across the ideological spectrum.

Despite being by far the youngest candidate in the race, the 38-year-old millennial has for months polled in the low single digits among voters under 35. And even though he’s competing against several moderate boomers, Buttigieg does best among voters over 65.

As Buttigieg has gained in national polls and surpassed Sanders in Iowa delegates, the left-wing backlash against him as only intensified.

Young progressives, many of whom support Sen. Bernie Sanders, take issue with his centrist approach to healthcare policy, college debt, and federal spending. They argue his alleged “outsider” status is fraudulent, as he’s the child of academics, and a product of the Ivy League, Oxford, and the consulting firm McKinsey.

They credit much of his rapid rise to a strategy that prioritizes platitudes over policy and is greased by white male privilege. He’s been dubbed “Mayo Pete,” “a billionaire bootlicker,” and become the subject of countless disparaging TikToks.

The socialist magazine Jacobin regularly tears Buttigieg apart in pieces with headlines like: “Mayor Pete Buttigieg Is Even Worse Than He Seems” and “Pete Buttigieg’s Elite-Friendly Politics Won’t Help the Marginalized.”

Been trying to explain the millennial rage toward Buttigieg to my parents & this boils it down. Boomers used social programs to build wealth, then voted in electeds who dismantled those programs. We want the programs back; Buttigieg agrees w/boomers who claim we don’t need them.

— Rebecca Fishbein (@bfishbfish) February 9, 2020

i said Mayo Pete 2020

— digital kristen [angel] (@kristensoulina) November 10, 2019

damn i really tried to add my own flair at the end but it got cut off😥

— eleanor (@420hondaodyssey) November 14, 2019

.@PeteButtigieg is such an inspiring candidate

— digital jake (@YDSgAy) November 10, 2019

Whatever his shortcomings, you have to admit Mayor Pete embodies a classic American archetype: traveling Bible salesman who charms all the church ladies in every small town he passes through before ultimately being investigated for insurance fraud.

— Mara Smith (@namarasmith) February 9, 2020

But as Buttigieg beat Joe Biden, in Iowa and is set to place higher than the former vice president in New Hampshire, …read more

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