Photos inside the Diamond Princess cruise ship, where thousands of passengers have been quarantined for a week due to the coronavirus outbreak

diamond princess at port

The Diamond Princess cruise ship has been under quarantine since February 4, after several guests were diagnosed with the novel Wuhan coronavirus, COVID-19.
There are more than 3,500 passengers and crew stranded on board the ship, which was scheduled to dock a week ago.
The number of people from the ship who’ve been diagnosed with COVID-19 has ballooned to at least 135. Many have been let off the boat for treatment, while for others who are healthy, the quarantine is scheduled to last until February 19.
People aboard have mixed reactions, with some loving the room service treatment, and others desperate to get off and find more booze.

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The Diamond Princess cruise ship, which houses up to 3,770 passengers and crew at a time, boasts the largest Japanese bath at sea, and typically offers over 20 bars and restaurants for passengers to choose from.

Now it holds another distinction, as it has become a temporary sick bay for the largest number of people with the Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) outside of mainland China: 135 cases of COVID-19 have been diagnosed there so far.

The entire ship is now on lockdown, for eight more days of mandatory room service, which ends on February 19. Have a look.

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The Diamond Princess has become a floating home to 2,666 guests and 1,045 crew in the port of Yokohama, Japan.

The passengers and crew were supposed to finish up a 14-day cruise on February 4. Instead, that’s when Japanese public health officials climbed on board in haz-mat suits and discovered an initial 10 cases of the novel coronavirus.

The cruise line suspects the contagion started some time after January 20, when a man from Hong Kong boarded the ship in Japan.

The man stayed on board for five days, and then disembarked in his hometown. He was later diagnosed with the coronavirus, on February 1, alerting health officials to a potential outbreak on the Diamond Princess.

Since the ship has been in quarantine, at least 135 of the roughly 3,700 passengers and crew have tested positive for the new virus.

The coronavrius spreads easily through close contact between people. Because testing for COVID-19 takes a day or more, and involves piling machines full of spit and mucus samples, it’s not practical to test every one of the thousands on board.

People aboard have been unfurling signs that read “lack of medicine!” and “thank you media” in recent days.

On Monday evening, a crewmember announced to passengers on board the ship that as many as 1,850 of the guests and crew on board (who weren’t expecting to be stuck there for this long) have requested more prescription medications, which have now been distributed. It’s unclear what medications they are taking.

The medical staff on board now includes “45 doctors, 55 nurses, and 45 pharmacists, most …read more

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