Popular NYU professor Scott Galloway has a new course on business strategy anyone can sign up to take — I took away MBA-like insights for way less money than going to business school

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Scott Galloway is an NYU professor, entrepreneur, and author. He also hosts a popular podcast called Pivot with Kara Swisher. 
I’ve been a follower of Scott for the last couple of years. I read his book The Four and have been listening to Pivot since it launched. Most recently, he became well known as one of the major critics of WeWork’s business model ahead of its unsuccessful IPO.
When I saw that he was offering an online course, via his company, Prof G, to the public that covered a lot of his insights around what makes a successful company, I immediately signed up.
Unfortunately, there was a waitlist for the course, so I didn’t get into the first one, but when the next class opened up, I jumped to sign up for it. The course is currently taking students for the October class, and if that sells out, you can join the waitlist.

Scott Galloway is a well-known investor, entrepreneur, and NYU professor. He’s famous for his research on four of the biggest tech companies, Google, Facebook, Amazon, and Apple. More recently, Professor Galloway (or Prof G) was a major critic of WeWork’s failed IPO and voiced his support for breaking up big tech companies.

When I saw that Scott was teaching a two-week business strategy course through his company, Prof G, I immediately wanted to take it. I don’t have an MBA because some advice I got early in my career was that you should only go to business school if you want to change industries or your company requires it to continue getting promoted. Neither of those scenarios apply to me, so I’ve decided to save the money. But I have always been curious about whether or not I’m missing out. 

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The course costs $750, so it is certainly more expensive than other online courses that you can take elsewhere on platforms like Coursera and edX. But in the context of an MBA, it presents a very decent value exchange. I was happy to spend $750 to get a piece of what others would pay upward of $100,000 to receive.

If you want to learn from a well-known business professor about how the most successful companies of the 20th and 21st centuries got to where they are now, this is a great course.

What you get with the class

The course comprises four sections, called modules, that have video lessons and case studies, two 1.5-hour live streams, and a Q&A with Professor Galloway.  

The lessons themselves are great, taking about 30 minutes each to watch. But is five hours of video worth $750? I know it sounds wild, but this is how I thought about it before I paid for the course. (Note: I paid for the course, but depending on where you work and how …read more

Source:: Business Insider


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