Rishi Sunak is ‘too weak’ to take a stand against his own people in betting scandal, blasts Labour MP

RISHI Sunak is “too weak” to suspend candidates caught up in the election betting controversy, a senior Labour figure says.

The Prime Minister has shied away from distancing himself from the fellow Tories who tried to cash in on the date of polling day, a shadow Cabinet Minister says.

GettyRishi Sunak says anyone who has broken rules should “face the full force of the law”[/caption]

AlamyLabour’s Peter Kyle demands the Prime Minister take stronger action against candidates[/caption]

Peter Kyle told The Sun’s Never Mind The Ballots show that the PM just “can’t make a stand” against his own people two weeks out from the election.

He suggested the PM should follow the lead of police by suspending individuals caught up in the row.

The Gambling Commission is currently investigating a series of suspicious bets wagered before Mr Sunak officially called the date.

The Shadow Science Secretary said: “It’s extraordinary to me that when you compare how Rishi Sunak as a leader has treated his own staff compared to how the police have treated their staff in a leadership position.

“The police have suspended instantly pending an investigation. The police officer that perhaps has had allegations made against him.

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“But Rishi Sunak just can’t take a stand against his own people. Why is he not able to why is he too weak to actually remove these people two weeks before polling day less than two weeks.

Mr Sunak is saying that he is comfortable standing alongside candidates who are mired in scandal.

“Who are using perhaps we don’t know yet that’s the nature of the investigation, but alleged insider information for self enrichment. This should be about public service.”

Mr Sunak’s Parliamentary aide Craig Williams revealed he placed a £100 bet on a July polling day before it was called.

Tory candidate Craig Williams placed a bet on the election date before it was called

Tory candidate Laura Saunders and the wife of the party’s director of campaigns Tony Lee is also being probed by the watchdog.

Saunders says she is “co-operating” with the regulator.

A police officer who protects Mr Sunak was arrested on Monday after he allegedly placed a bet on the timing.

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There was a significant spike in on the day before the election was called. Betfair said that close to £6,000 was put on their gambling exchange.

A furious Rishi Sunak told a BBC telly audience on Thursday night that he was “incredibly angry” about the incident saying anyone found to have broken any rules should “face the full force of the law”.

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