“Rocky Mountain Wreckers”: Upcoming TV series to spotlight Colorado tow company working on I-70 mountain corridor

As one of the largest towing companies operating on Colorado’s Interstate 70 mountain corridor, an often treacherous stretch of highway that crosses the Continental Divide, Mountain Recovery receives a lot of unusual calls.

The company is called for a variety of crashes, slide-offs and other vehicle conundrums on and along the interstate. Their tow trucks helped when part of a house slid down a mountainside, when a pickup truck got stuck on a hiking trail leading to a 14,000-foot peak, and when a downed tree nearly ended a community’s rafting season.

But two summers ago, Mountain Recovery owner Charlie Stubblefield said his dispatch received a call that he said he simply couldn’t believe. It was from someone purporting to be an executive producer for a major production company that was hoping to do a TV show about his Vail-based towing company.

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“I’m like, ‘Oh okay, take a message,’” Stubblefield said. “I’m like, ‘It’s not legit, they’re trying to sell me something.’”

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