Romania has a slightly different idea for the term ‘meal deal’

The slightly bizarre deal was spotted in a Romanian supermarket (Picture: lavidrg/tiktok)

Dark, self-deprecating sense of humour is famous in the Balkans for serving as counter-memory to the series of conflicts across the region.

This version of a meal deal seen in a Romanian supermarket illustrates the point perfectly.

A video shared on TikTok showed a packet of cigarettes and a Coke sellotaped together being sold at the registry.

The caption read, ‘latest supermarket deal in Romania’.

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Meanwhile, the voiceover used is of Albanian prime minister Edi Rama, who said: ‘Sorry for being so Balkanic, but this is a great thing.’

Posted only three days ago, the video has been viewed more than 833,000 times and liked by at least 123,700 users.

People from all corners of the world offered their own take on the controversial supermarket deal.

One called it ‘girl dinner’, relating it to the TikTok trend of thrown-together plates of whatever happens to be in the fridge.

The creator said this packaged deal can be seen in most supermarkets in the city of Alba Iulia (Picture: lavidrg/tiktok)

Another joked, ‘Lana del Ray girly paradise here’, while a third commented: ‘I wish we had this in England.’

According to the creator, this sort of a deal can be spotted in most supermarkets in the city of Alba Iulia, in the west-central part of Romania.

But all jokes aside, this only shows the prevalence of smoking amongst the nation.

Data compiled by Eurostat shows that Romania sits just above the EU average of smokers among persons aged 15 and over.

The countries where men smoke the most are Bulgaria (37.6%), Latvia (34.4%) and Romania (30.6%).

Conversely, the countries where women smoke the most are Germany (18.6%), Croatia (19.2%) and Bulgaria (20.7%).

In Romania, 30.6% of men smoke versus 7.5% of women.

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