RSM US LLP Empowers Employees to Enact Change for Success

If you want to be an industry leader, you need to excel in both technical services and human connection. Their Denver team combines top professional knowledge with unmatched personalized service.

RSM US LLP leadership empowers employees to build on their unique strengths and prioritize the human side of interactions with clients and the Denver community. The result is a company where success is built on relationships.

Putting People First

RSM US LLP’s vision is to be the first-choice advisor to middle market leaders globally, to the Denver area and to Colorado. They’ve learned that putting their people first leads to better client outcomes.

Denver office leader, Kathy Healey recalls numerous times when team members volunteered to extend long days to help others finish projects on deadline. “This is an example of people looking out for each other,” explains Healey. “We are a team. We all work together. This is critical to providing our clients with the best service.”

Employees at RSM US LLP are individuals, not just numbers in a ledger. Team members at all levels are encouraged to personalize their career development plans and take advantage of firm trainings, programs and initiatives.

Creating a Space for Community

RSM US LLP has five characteristics they cultivate in their advisors: caring, curious, collaborative, courageous, and critical thinkers. But what about beyond the office walls? Some would say it’s easy to add a sixth “C” that is a clear value across the company: community. Fostering a positive company culture leads to business success. It also allows the company to engage in meaningful community work through employee leadership.

Through its Power of Love program, employees have helped over 760 charities and raised over $41 million firmwide. In the Denver area, company leaders are eager to be involved in the local community and in 2023, donated nearly $18,000 to the Arapahoe County Early Childhood Council through Power of Love. By letting team members point the way to the causes that matter most in their neighborhoods, RSM US LLP can simultaneously empower its employees and make a positive community contribution.

Building a Team Based on Respect

The local offices operate like “family away from home,” according to Healey. “As with any company, there is structure but it’s collaborative and hierarchy is not overly apparent in the day-to-day workings. Everyone’s input and opinion matters.” This culture of respect for every member of the team makes it rewarding to be an employee. It also makes it easy to extend that same level of respect and teamwork to every client.

A company that values diversity is well-positioned to attract top employees who can collaboratively meet the needs of a diverse client base. RSM US LLP’s commitment to inclusion and robust employee network groups codify the importance of empowering team members to build on their strengths and unique talents. It’s one of the reasons that Healey has been at the company for more than 18 years: “You feel like you belong here, that you are wanted and needed.”

RSM US LLP understands that valued people are a central part of business success, and its employee culture, both in and out of the office, is a testament to the power of that perspective. RSM remains committed to being a Top Workplace to attract the best talent and being a First Choice Advisor to its clients.

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