Russian TV host gloats over America’s border divide and predicts ‘civil war 2.0’

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A Russian state media television host has seemingly praised the increasing divide in American politics over control of its border with Mexico.

Sergey Mardan commented on the possibility of the US political tensions hindering future military aid efforts to Ukraine, saying Russians ‘maybe want to rejoice or poke fun at it’.

It comes as further US military aid for Ukraine’s efforts against Vladimir Putin’s forces have become intrinsically linked to border control between the United States and Mexico.

Aid packages have continuously been vetoed by many Republicans, who cite worries of border security as a reason to withhold further funding.

It seems Russian media is finding the struggle humorous, with Mardan adding: ‘Wherever a problem arises for your enemy, you should help to transform it into a major problem.

‘If trouble arises for your enemy in any area, do everything to turn it into a horrible catastrophe. The United States is our enemy. There will be no military aid in this context, for sure.’

The Kremlin propagandist said ‘The United States is our enemy’ (Picture: Sergei Mardan)

Texas Governor Greg Abbott ordered the Texas National Guard to defy a Supreme Court ruling allowing federal Border Patrol agents access to the area (Picture: Getty)

Migrants have been coming to the US border in a record number (Picture: Anadolu)

He then asked an ‘expert’ on his show: ‘Should we hope for a premature beginning of a civil war 2.0 in the United States?’

More than £62 billion in military aid has already been given to Ukraine from the United States since the beginning of the war, according to the Kiel Institute for the World Economy.

It remains uncertain how much more support and for how much longer the US can continue to support Kyiv’s efforts against Putin’s troops as the dispute about the record number of migrant crossings into Texas rumbles on.

Former Russian President Dmitry Medvedev even referenced Texas’ reluctance to support President Biden’s policies about a more open border, saying: ‘The formation of the Texas People’s Republic is becoming more and more real.

The Texas National Guard has been working to secure the border as necessary (Picture: Getty)

Migrants looking to cross the border are met with thick barbed wire (Picture: Getty)

‘One way or another, America may face an insoluble constitutional crisis and plunge into the abyss of a new, perhaps even more destructive, civil confrontation for a long time.’

The U.S. Department of State told Newsweek that the comment from Medvedev was not to be taken ‘seriously’, adding: ‘This is standard Kremlin nonsense.’

The US announced last July that it would send cluster munitions to Ukraine as part of another massive military package worth £630 million.

The cluster munitions were banned by many US allies due to the indiscriminate harm they can cause to civilian populations – but both Russia and Ukraine have used them in the ongoing conflict.

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