San Rafael police call for emergency aid to break up sideshow

Seven police departments were called to help break up a large sideshow in San Rafael early Saturday, according to authorities.

Police said that hundreds of vehicles and over a thousand onlookers gathered in the Canal neighborhood of San Rafael. Earlier in the day, large crowds had peacefully celebrated Guatemalan Independence Day.

But around midnight, authorities said the sideshow turned violent as police moved in to break up the crowd at Canal street and Medway road.

San Rafael Police broadcast an emergency request for aid, which was answered by The Marin County Sheriff’s Office, California Highway Patrol, Novato Police, Central Marin Police Authority, Fairfax Police, Ross Police, and Mill Valley Police.

Police cleared the area by 1:45 a.m. It is unclear how many arrests were made, if any.

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Beyond the sideshow confrontation, three men in their 20’s were also taken to the hospital early Saturday morning in separate incidents. A 25-year-old was shot on Novato street and sustained life threatening injuries. A 24-year-old was also stabbed in a fight and a 20-year-old showed up at a hospital with a non-threatening gunshot wound.

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