Saxophonist Kenny G, 66, is trying to end spousal support as touring opportunities dry up.

By Harriet Alexander For 2:08 AM Mar 18, 2023, updated 2:39 AM Mar 18, 2023

Kenny G, 66, divorced his second wife Lyndie in 2013 after 21 years of marriage. The couple have two adult sons, Max and Noah
In September 2021, he filed court documents seeking an end to the $40,000 monthly spousal support payments agreed upon in their divorce
On Friday, the musician’s attorneys presented court documents to Lyndie’s attorneys to resolve his filing after months of wrangling over tax returns

Lawyers for Grammy winner Kenny G on Friday filed legal documents demanding that his ex-wife agree to end the $40,000 a month he pays her, with the saxophonist arguing he couldn’t help himself afford more.

The 66-year-old musician, born Kenneth Gorelick in Seattle, was married to Lyndie Benson for 21 years.

The couple divorced in 2013 and he agreed to pay her the hefty monthly fee.

But in September 2021, he filed documents arguing he could no longer send her money, and on Friday, with the case unresolved, his attorneys were serving Benson’s attorneys.

“Kenny, who is now 65, has paid Lyndie spousal support for more than 9 years,” the original documents read.

Kenny G is pictured riding his bike in his Malibu neighborhood in July 2021. He is fighting the end of spousal support, arguing that he can no longer afford it. The musician and his wife Lyndie Benson are seen at home in June 1992

“Kenny is a Grammy award-winning saxophonist with a long and successful career and more than 15 albums.

“However, as explained in the accompanying statement from Kenny, Kenny’s touring opportunities, where he earns most of his income, have not only decreased over the past 2-3 years, but his share of the touring revenue has also decreased.

“Kenny’s income has steadily decreased since 2018.”

His legal team — led by high-profile divorce attorney Laura Wasser — didn’t specify how much the musician was worth.

He was widely believed to be worth $50 million at the time of his divorce.

He has paid his ex-wife $3.9 million since 2013, his attorneys found.

“Lyndie is 57 years old and, as far as Kenny knows, in good health,” his attorneys wrote in their original complaint.

“Lyndie has refused to be fully self-sufficient for almost 10 years.

“Kenny shouldn’t have to continue to carry the burden of her refusal.”

Kenny G plays at Charles Krug Winery presented by The Blue Note in Napa Valley in July 2021. He claims he no longer tours regularly. Kenny G and Michael Bolton are seen on stage in Chicago in August 1992. The Seattle-born musician is biking near his Malibu home in July 2021

His lawyers note that she started a clothing company, Bleusalt, but has refused to release financial records for the company.

In May 2022, Forbes interviewed her and described her as a “thriving fashion label” with “Malibu-inspired chic essentials.”

She told the magazine: “I’ve always been obsessed with gorgeous cashmere and head-to-toe outfits from Loro Piana and Bamford. Luxurious attire that looked good on the beach for a bonfire and looked just as good when you were at Nobu for dinner.

“So once I found the fabric and perfected it for Bleusalt, the inspiration was already fully realized in my daily life and aesthetic.”

He is striving to stop the payments altogether or to significantly reduce them.

He is also asking the court to end the requirement that he maintain payments on a life support policy that was guaranteed as part of the divorce.

Kenny G is the best-selling instrumental artist of all time and is performing in Las Vegas next month.

With 11 platinum albums and eight others achieving multi-platinum status, Kenny G is one of the most successful artists according to the Recording Industry Association of America.

He appeared on The SpongeBob Movie soundtrack and has worked with Kanye West and Katy Perry.

In 2021, HBO made a documentary about his life and music, Listening to Kenny G.

Kenny G, wife Lyndie Benson and sons Max and Noah

The following year, he appeared in a Super Bowl commercial for Busch Light beer – his second Super Bowl commercial after appearing for Audi in 2011.

In 2022, he told Forbes he didn’t mind being mocked for being everywhere.

“When I’m the prankster, when it’s funny, I love it,” he says, recalling how a dentist in Wayne’s World traded novocaine for his music, how in South Park his music “makes everyone look up pee your pants,” or how Saturday Night Live poked fun at him for doing a duet with Frank Sinatra.

“It doesn’t bother me because it’s really funny.”


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