Shaun White Sexual Harassment Allegation: 5 Fast Facts


Snowboarder Shaun White won another gold medal at the 2018 Winter Olympics in PyeongChang, but his past has not been unblemished, and sexual harassment claims against him have resurfaced. They were lodged in a 2016 lawsuit by the former drummer in White’s band, Lena Zawaideh. Be aware that the images and language in the allegations are extremely graphic.

Slate Magazine was one of the news organizations to bring the allegations back up, questioning why NBC is not mentioning them in light of the positive coverage the network is giving to the bankable and charismatic White. “Why Isn’t NBC Talking About the Sexual Harassment Allegations Against Shaun White?” the Slate story’s headline read.

In May 2017, White settled the lawsuit with Zawaideh for an undisclosed sum, according to USA Today. Zawaideh was a member of White’s band, Bad Things.

Here’s what you need to know:

1. The Lawsuit Claimed White Hides a ‘Darker, Misogynistic’ Personality & Sent Zawaideh Videos ‘Sexualizing Fecal Matter’

You can read the allegations above in great detail, but be forewarned that they contain extremely graphic, pornographic images. The lawsuit alleged that White “hides a darker, misogynistic personality.” The lawsuit was originally a breach of contract case, but Zawaideh amended it in August 2016 to include the sexual harassment claims.

According to the lawsuit, Zawaideh alleged that White “repeatedly sexually harassed her and forced his authoritarian management style on her for over seven years.” The lawsuit alleged that White sent “sexually explicit and graphic images to Zawaideh of engorged and erect penises, forced her to watch sexually disturbing videos, including videos sexualizing fecal matter.”

He was accused of saying vulgar sexual remarks to her like “Don’t forget to suck his balls,” when commenting on her boyfriend. In another instance alleged in the lawsuit, White was accused of sticking his hands down his pants and then putting his hands into Zawaideh’s face, “trying to make her smell them.”

White allegedly showed Zawaideh a “Shake That Bear” video on his computer that “is a disturbing video of a couple killing a bear and then having sex on top of it.” The lawsuit also alleged that White forced Zawaideh to watch “Church of Fudge” which is “a video where the viewer is subjected to hardcore porn involving a priest, a nun and fecal matter.” She was 17 or 18 at the time of that alleged incident, and White was 22 or 23, according to the lawsuit.

According to Deadspin, a representative for White released a statement saying, “Many years ago, I exchanged texts with a friend who is now using them to craft a bogus lawsuit. There is absolutely no coincidence to the timing of her claims, and we will defend them vigorously in court.” Although White denied the allegations, “he did admit sending her the text messages she included as exhibits in the lawsuit,” Slate reports.

Shaun White is currently dating another musician named Sarah Barthel. They’ve been dating since 2013. His net worth has been …read more



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