Shocking moment rowdy Brits strip NAKED and pile onto bartop sparking fury & vow for police crackdown in holiday hotspot

THIS is the shocking display of public nudity by a group of partying British tourists which has led to the raucous Algarve resort of Albufeira questioning the type of visitor it attracts.

Footage of the drunk naked men on a bar counter went viral today as the town’s mayor Jose Carlos Rolo called the display “deeply negative” and vowed to call for police reinforcements.

A group of Brits stripped naked and mounted the barSolarpix

They were not afraid to display their manhood to onlookersSolarpix

The shameless act was filmed by others at the barSolarpix

Shocking video shows them starkers on their hands and knees in a line on top of a bar counter.

One of the revellers can be seen slapping the bare backside of a pal as they form a bizarre party train.

Eight British holidaymakers were identified by cops and now face an ongoing investigation.

The GNR force is understood to have discovered who they were following an investigation after failing to catch them in the act with their pants still down.

The jaw-dropping scenes happened at Route Caffe 66 on the Oura Strip, Albufeira’s equivalent of the infamous Punta Ballena party strip in Magaluf.

The sports bar promotes itself on social media with videos showing punters having booze poured down their throats in ‘dentist chair’ drinking games.

It describes itself as the ‘home bar’ in Albufeira with “music and cold pints.”

The bar was closed this morning and no-one could immediately be reached for comment.

The astonishing naked display laid on by the British men is said to have happened at the weekend, although the footage has only surfaced in the last few hours.

Speaking yesterday to Portuguese TV station SIC, Albufeira mayor Mr Rolo said: “It doesn’t make sense for us to have a strategy and spend money on promotion here and abroad only for incidents like this to happen, which are deeply negative and don’t dignify anyone.”

He added: “I ask business owners to take responsibility for how customers act within their establishments.

“They must create a series of internal rules for themselves, their own rules, in the sense that when people are served, they are served with dignity and with rules to avoid these problems.”

The council later said it would be asking for police reinforcements.

The unsavoury incident comes as Albufeira tries to distance itself from its party image and move upmarket.

Anti-tourist measures sweeping hotspots

MENORCA and Majorca are just some of the European hotspots implementing anti-tourist measures.

Many top holiday destinations across the continent are taking action to prevent unwanted travellers from taking over their towns and cities.

Locals feel they can no longer live in the iconic destinations because they have become overcrowded, unsafe and uncomfortable.

They say there are too many cars on the roads, traffic congestion, overcrowded beaches, blocked access roads, ruined beauty spots and just too many holidaymakers flocking to the island which expects record figures this summer.

In April, thousands of people took to the streets in Tenerife to demand restrictions on holidaymakers after telling Brits to “go home”.

The anti-tourist hordes filled a square in the capital brandishing banners including some that read “You enjoy we suffer” in English.

Protests also took place at the same time on other popular Canary islands including Lanzarote and Gran Canaria.

The marches were organised under the slogan “The Canary Islands have a limit.”

Hotel bosses in Benidorm have even admitted they are “very worried” by the anger growing amongst island residents but branded holiday homes in Spain a “virus”.

More recently, the Committee on Tourism, Trade, Employment, Culture and Sport reportedly approved an initiative to reintroduce a cap on cruise ships to Palma, Majorca’s capital.

Politicians are keen to implement a new set of rules on cruise ships in terms of taxation, the environment or the use of less polluting fuels to lower numbers coming into the Balearics.

This means removing the dependence on British tourists.

Two months ago the council presented a diversification strategy with the motto ‘Albufeira is part of your life.’

Mr Rolo said sun and the beach would always be at the centre of the resort’s tourist product but added: “We want to focus also on diversifying the offer, in order to contribute to reducing seasonality but also to attract new tourist markets from other nationalities.”

Reports at the time said one of the main issues Albufeira Town Hall was trying to address was to change the image of the resort as an area for tourists with “low purchasing power”.

This includes tourists who came for short stays and only interested in topping up their tans and going drinking and partying at night-time.

Residents in Portugal’s neighbour Spain have been protesting about tourist massification and the type of visitors the country is attracting.

Demos have been held in the Canary Islands and places like Majorca and Ibiza with a mass protest planned for later this month across the Balearic Island archipelago simultaneously.

The tourists were not afraid to bear allSolarpix

The town mayor said he’d call for police reinforcementsSolarpix

SolarpixRoute Caffe 66 is renowned for bizarre drinking games that Brits enjoy[/caption]

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