Shopper accused of greed after buying nine legs of yellow-sticker lamb for £36

A Sainsbury’s shopper bagged all this meat for just £36 (Picture: ExtremeCouponingAndBargainsUK)

Having a keen eye for a bargain can save you a fortune, especially when it comes to buying meat.

But one Sainsbury’s shopper who bought nine legs of lamb worth £252 for a yellow sticker price of just £36 very much divided opinion on social media.

A picture posted on Facebook group Extreme Couponing and Bargains UK shows the large packs of meat lined up in a trolley next to a pot of olives and some fresh mint.

Alwyn Smith shared it alongside the caption: ‘Mate had a good deal at Sainsburys today.’

But the image prompted furious reactions from some members of the group.

People questioned why the shopper bought nine legs of lamb with some even going as far as to accuse him of being ‘greedy’ amid a cost of living crisis.

Best times of day to get ‘yellow sticker’ supermarket bargains

Finance blogger Fiona Hawkes – who has written extensively on yellow sticker shopping – told that typically the best bargains can be found in the early evening, from around 7pm onwards.

If you are after more precise timings for each supermarket, this is the guide to follow:

Aldi – 8am (when the stores open)
Asda – 7pm and onwards
Lidl – 8am (when the stores open)
M&S– 30 minutes before stores close
Morrisons – 6pm and onwards
Tesco – 6pm and onwards
Sainsbury’s – 6pm and onwards

Note that timings can vary across branches.

Maria Jones wrote: ‘Ever heard of courtesy to others?! The cost of living crisis is affecting everyone.’

Jeanette Fairweather complained: ‘No wonder there is none left when I have been to my local Sainsbury’s.’

Other shoppers like Sherrie Comer had a similar strategy, buying in bulk and then preserving the meat in their freezer.

She said: ‘I have six in my freezer and no, I did not take them all got them over a few days and every time there were more than 20 legs there.’

People are divided over whether buying in bulk was a selfish or savvy move (Picture: ExtremeCouponingAndBargainsUK)

Fay Nicholas defended the shopper and said: ‘I am thankful to you for buying them and using them!

‘I find it so sad that these animals die for no reason if they just go in the bin!’

Shoppers like Danny B. saw the funny side and joked: ‘Are you running a soup kitchen or do you have Narnia in your wardrobe to keep all this meat?’

With prices of some household staples almost tripling in two years, stockpiling can only be expected in some households.

Yellow sticker items can be a great way to bag a nice bargain (Picture: In Pictures via Getty Images)

According to Statista, the inflation rate for food prices in the UK was measured at 10.1% in October this year.

This has resulted in consumers shifting their shopping behaviours, even changing supermarkets depending on discounts.

After tracking 21,000 products across eight major brands in the last two years, consumer watchdog Which? found that one of the worst examples of price inflation was Mr Kipling Bakewell Cake Slices x6 at Sainsbury’s, which swelled in price by 175%, from £1 to £2.75.

If you’re in the market for cheap stuff, or even free items, then keep your eyes peeled and check your receipt when shopping at Tesco.

Customers have revealed you can make the most of incredible freebie offers.

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