Sickening moment Iran’s dreaded ‘morality police’ throw woman into back of van as she desperately tries to escape

DISTURBING video shows the moment Iran’s twisted morality police hurl a woman into the back of one of their patrol vans as she struggles to break free.

The blonde woman dressed in a green headscarf is violently wrestled into the open van on a busy road by two women in black.

The women in green is led towards an open van on a busy road in

Two women in black shove her into the open struggles against them unsuccessfully as they hurl her into the van[/caption]

Her shoe can be seen sticking out of the van on the bottom

She is frogmarched up to the waiting vehicle, guarded by an Iranian cop, with an armed policeman in front of her and three women behind.

The women, likely part of the Iranian police “Guidance Patrol”, are mostly covered from head to toe in black hijabs.

Their prisoner, the blonde woman, covers her mouth with a hand as she nears the open van door.

Just seconds later two of the women behind her grab her by the arm and violently shove her inside the open door.

As she desperately struggles against them to break free they climb on top of her, pushing her further inside the vehicle.

Her wedge shoe can be seen sticking outside the van and narrowly missing the heavy sliding door as they lock her in.

A woman dressed in a white headscarf sits inside the van watching calmly on as the violence unfolds.

After the brutalised women is trapped inside, the two armed men – also watching on with mild interest slam the door and signal to each other.

Iran’s morality police are a violent, oppressive arm of the Tehran regime who patrol the streets enforcing strict religious rules.

Known as “Guidance Patrol”, they are called out to punish citizens for “improper” behaviour and clothing.

Women detained by cops are either given a warning or bundled into a van and whisked away to a “correctional facility” or a police station where they are lectured on how to dress before being released to their male relatives.

The horrifying clip was shared to X by Jake Wallis Simons, a journalist and author.

Several clips in recent weeks have shown their increased presence as the country ramps up its violent crackdowns.

Just a month ago a woman was filmed tackling a girl to the ground and attacking her as she screamed – seemingly because she hadn’t covered her hair.

Video has shown them snatching women off the streets and bundling them into vans for wearing jeans in public.

It comes after Tehran announced a fresh crackdown on “anomalies” to its religious rules under the “Nour Project” in April.

The Jerusalem Post reports suggest crackdowns on behaviour have been violent.

Sexual harassment, beatings, arrests and the use of tasers have been reported around the country.

Widespread protests have been gaining traction in Iran since 2022 – after the death of Mahsa Amini.

Amini died in the custody of Tehran’s “morality police” after being arrested for violating Iran’s hijab rules.

She was beaten to death for wearing an “improper” hijab on September 16, 2022.

In what became known as the headscarf revolution, months of unrest followed.

Women of all ages ripped off their compulsory hijabs at public demonstrations in defiance of the nation’s feared morality police.

Hundreds of people were killed, including dozens of security personnel, in a brutal crackdown and thousands of protesters were arrested.

Reports of torture and death at the hands of officials have also surfaced.

Iran’s Morality Police

UNDER Iranian law, rooted in Sharia law, women must cover their hair with a hijab and wear long, loose-fitting clothing.

The Guidance Patrol – aka the morality police – are in charge of arresting women who violate the conservative dress code.

Tasked with ensuring Islamic morals are respected, they spend their days patrolling public spaces in vans to crack down on “improper” behaviour and clothing.

Women detained by cops are either given a warning or bundled into a van and whisked away to a “correctional facility” or a police station.

They are then lectured on how to dress before being released to their male relatives.

Since the 1980s, many women have been beaten to death by the callous morality police, or tortured into given false confessions.

Iranian morality police arrest women who violate the conservative dress code

Iranian female police cadets stand during a graduation ceremony in Tehran, 2005

Brave demonstrators take to the streets of Tehran over Mahsa Amini’s death

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