Singles Awareness Day 2018: Best Anti-Valentine’s Memes


February 14, 2018 isn’t just Valentine’s Day, it’s also Anti-Valentine’s Day or Singles Awareness Day (aka SAD.) This day is a humorous opportunity for singles to commiserate about just how much they can’t stand this lovey-dovey-hearts-in-the-clouds day. The day can be spent making sarcastic comments and memes, or you can spend it treating yourself and hanging out with your friends. The choice3 is yours because being single gives you freedom to do what you want! Here are some of the all-time best memes for today.

Feel like you’re worth far more than anyone can afford? Then this meme’s for you:


Even though SAD is on February 14, National Singles Day doesn’t happen until September 22. If you’re in China, National Singles Day is November 11, and in the UK it’s on March 11. China goes all out, providing retail discounts for singles. And in the UK, the Dating Industry Professionals Network holds a Dating Fair. The U.S. is more laid back about the whole thing and just encourages singles to participate in singles events or join online dating services. Thanks United States. :-/

@XHydro20 happy valentines day so heres a meme from me

— meme_machine (@loverlives) February 14, 2017

If you like to take a more scientific “love is just chemicals in your brain” approach, then you’ll like this one:


So what can you do on Anti-Valentine’s Singles Awareness Day? You can travel, take the day off and binge your favorite Netflix show, order your favorite food (because you don’t have to compromise with someone else), or just eat cookies all day because no one is around to judge you. You can volunteer or adopt a lonely cat or dog and make someone else’s day really happy. You can hang out with family and friends, or invite people over and host dinner (they’ll definitely appreciate it.)


Spending time on your own, doing exactly what you want, really has its benefits:


Or you can just spread memes on the Internet. Some people would like to just play video games online all day, or post funny messages on sites like Reddit, Facebook, or Steemit. Remember, this isn’t a day to budget for your needs. This is a day to indulge yourself and get something you want, even if it’s not something you “need.” But restaurants might be a little too romantic for your tastes, so you might prefer to order food in or have a girl’s night out or a guy’s night out. There is, of course, strength in numbers.

You have to love the self-deprecating Valentine’s jokes. They never get old:



Something else you can do for yourself on SAD day is invest in yourself. Start taking a class or learn a new skill. You can take a free online class or just sign up for one of those wine-and-painting events. It really depends on the type of commitment you’re interested in making. You might even buy yourself a massage or a manicure and pedicure, to treat yourself …read more



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