Snowflake salaries revealed: From $69,000 to $215,000 a year, here’s how much the $12 billion unicorn pays its employees

Snowflake CEO Frank Slootman

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Cloud storage unicorn Snowflake is on the precipice of its highly anticipated IPO, expected to take place Wednesday. The company helps businesses manage their big data storage in the cloud and was last valued at $12.4 billion when it raised a $479 million round in February.

The buzz over its impending debut on the public market was amplified by recent news that Warren Buffett’s Berkshire Hathaway plans to plow about $570 million into its IPO.

Snowflake solves the problem of how to manage and analyze the vast quantities of information companies pour into popular clouds like AWS, Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud. Founded in 2012, the startup came out of stealth in 2014 and quickly became a go-to solution.

One person frequently credited for Snowflake’s fast success is former CEO Bob Muglia. The industry vet spent 23 years at Microsoft under Bill Gates and Steve Ballmer before leaving for a two-year stint at Juniper. When he left that in 2014 and became Snowflake’s CEO, he was the 34th employee.

Under him the company experienced rapid growth but he surprised the industry when he left last year. He was replaced by another industry veteran, Frank Slootman (known for his time as the former CEO who took ServiceNow public). Slootman raised that final big round earlier this year, at that massive “decacorn” valuation (aka over $10 billion), and headed for an IPO.

With all this growth, it’s not surprising that Snowflake is hiring. So how much can you make working for Snowflake?

We can learn from looking at what Snowflake pays the workers it hires from overseas. Corporations have to disclose to the federal government how much they pay employees through the H-1B visa program, a major part of how Silicon Valley fills its offices. The Office of Foreign Labor Certification makes that information public annually.

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Business Insider went through data released in 2020, which included jobs hired for up to the last six years, to discover how much Snowflake pays software engineers, data scientists, analysts, and other roles. These hires were almost entirely for positions in California, with two roles in Washington.

This is yearly salary data only and does not include other compensation such as stock or bonuses. Although the full picture of how much Snowflake pays its employees is still opaque, the information below provides a rare window into otherwise confidential information.

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Snowflake paid a data scientist in California $180,000 a year

Unsurprisingly, the cloud data company was on the hunt for people to help manage data.

But, interestingly, data analysis job titles were amongst the lowest paid in the information we gathered. The customer support data analyst position was paid as low as $69,722, for instance. 

Senior Cloud Data Warehouse Engineer: $115,000 – $105,000

Cloud Data Warehouse Engineer: $115,000 – $86,445

Data Analyst: $100,000 – $89,898

Data Scientist: $180,000 – $89,898

Data Analyst, Global Customer …read more

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