S outhern Charm is wrapping up its sixth season, which means that the reunion show is on the way. There are tons of dramas and disagreements heading into the reunion, including the Ashley Situation and Austen Kroll’s strenuous relationship with Madison LeCroy. Read on for more details and spoilers regarding the season six reunion.

Ashley Jacobs is a big question mark heading into the reunion. She hasn’t been featured in Bravo’s promotional materials for the reunion, and she’s not in the seating chart video. But that doesn’t mean she won’t be there. Fellow cast member Kathryn Dennis isn’t in the outfit video either, and she will surely be in attendance. There is also the fact that Ashley has crashed several notable Southern Charm events throughout the season, despite not receiving an invite.

Ashley Jacobs Is Rumored to Make an Appearance to Give ‘Her Side of the Story’

Ashley has been forthright about her disdain for the rest of the Southern Charm cast, and the producers as well, as she feels they didn’t show her side of the story enough. “Honestly I considered filming again because I desperately want to tell my side of the story,” she wrote on her Instagram. “But after experiencing how unfair the editing process can be, I don’t think I’ll ever have a fair shot.”

Other cast members have promised that the reunion show will be insane in terms of drama. Austen Kroll discussed it during an appearance on the Daily Dish podcast, where he said that “insane” description was, if anything, an understatement. “I just think that lots of people have lots of things to say, including myself,” he revealed. “Every year on the reunion, the question gets asked, what are you most nervous about? And I’m like, I’m nervous to get called on my sh*t. Well, what are you most excited about? I’m nervous to call people on their sh*t.”

Austen Kroll Teased that a Particular Cast Member Would Be ‘Called on Their Sh*t’

Kroll also predicted that one cast member in particular will be called out for their antics during the season. “I’ve been through a lot this season and it only gets worse. Not everyone can say that and that’s OK,” he continued. “I mean, if your life is great and you’re not going through some sh*t, then that’s great. I’m envious of you. But if you are going through some sh*t and it’s not on camera and you’re on this show, that just disappoints me,” he said.

Kroll’s relationship with Madison LeCroy will undoubtedly get brought up during the reunion. They experienced some strenuous moments over the past few seasons, with cheating allegations, an alleged threesome, and reconciliations. LeCroy will also bump heads with Shep Rose during the reunion, given that Rose has been critical of her to the other cast members all season. Their distaste for each other is sure to come out once they’re both seated on those reunion couches, especially after LeCroy found out that Rose gave chlamydia to her friend Danni Baird.

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Southern Charm Season 6 Reunion Spoilers

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