Stargate Rising: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know


Stargate Rising is trending on Twitter tonight, but why? Is a new show in the works? Here’s everything you need to know about #StargateRising, which is being spearheaded by none other than Joseph Mallozzi, a prominent figure in the Stargate franchise.

1. Stargate Rising Is Not a New Show (Unfortunately)

A new day is dawning for the franchise — thank you all for being a part of it #StargateRising

— Stargate Fans United (@SGFansUnited) March 10, 2018

First, don’t get too excited. No, despite what you may have hoped when you saw the term trending, Stargate Rising is not about a new show. I was hoping that maybe it was a new series announced during SXSW in Austin, since this was opening night. But no, Stargate Rising is not a new movie or a new TV series. However, it’s trending with nearly 100,000 tweets, so it’s definitely about something big.

2. Stargate Rising Refers to a Social Media Push to Show There’s Enough Interest to Start a New Stargate Series

Joseph MallozziStargate Campaign

If you want a new show, you’ll want to participate in the #StargateRising Twitter trend. The whole point of the trend is to show there’s enough interest and enough fans of Stargate to justify creating a new Stargate series. So if you were hoping this was a new Stargate Series, then you should jump in and make a tweet with the #StargateRising hashtag.

Joseph Mallozzi wrote on Reddit: “I know for a fact that studios (MGM among them) monitor twitter, reddit – unfortunately – less so. The point of the campaign is to make as big an impression as possible by uniting fandom on one platform rather than hoping the studio tracks down the disperse online voices.”

3. The Twitter Push Was Started by Joseph Mallozzi

Are you ready for the next adventure? #StargateRising

— Stargate Fans United (@SGFansUnited) March 10, 2018

The trending hashtag campaign was started by Joseph Mallozzi, known for his work on Stargate SG-1, Stargate: Atlantis, and Stargate Universe. He joined the production team during SGI1’s fourth season in 2000. He’s a writer and executive producer for all three series. He also co-wrote and produced Dark Matter, which was very popular but recently canceled by the Syfy channel. He wrote recently on Reddit that he would be “forever bewildered” by Syfy’s decision about the show. The cancelation, however, has freed up Mallozzi to have more time to work on bringing back Stargate.

How many of you Dark Matter fans out there are down for #StargateRising?? 🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀

— Anthony Lemke (@ranthonylemke) March 10, 2018

On Reddit, Mallozzi said that MGM would like to make a new Stargate series and just needs to know that people are interested. He wrote: “This is more about MGM seeing fandom for the existing franchise is still strong enough for them to green light an in-canon fourth series – instead of a reboot that wipes out 17 years of SF television.”

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