Suburb subscriptions and digital event consulting: Here’s how flex office players like Serendipity Labs and Convene are trying to win over remote workers.

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Flexible office providers are adapting their businesses to meet the different demands of their clients as offices across the country begin to reopen.
Serendipity Labs has launched a subscription service that is targetted at enterprises that are looking for individual private office space close to employees’ homes.
Convene is launching a digital conference tool that will facilitate both all-digital and hybrid digital and in-person conferences as the virus has led to cancelations of large events.
The pandemic has also spurred flex office players to create an industry council to share best practices.
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Coronavirus, and the massive remote work expansion that followed it, has massively destabilized the office. While it is unclear what the long-term effects will be, companies are reimaging how their real estate footprint responds to the challenges of social distancing in a pre-vaccine world, and what that will look like in the longer term.

For flex office providers, this could be a major opportunity to snap up customers who don’t want to sign long-term leases while the world is so uncertain.

The pandemic has put the flex office industry at an inflection point. The coronavirus pandemic rocked the sector as the startups and entrepreneurs that it counted on as clients have decided to either stop using their workspaces or just stopped paying rent. Big players like Convene and Industrious announced layoffs in March and April as America worked from home, and even as the hardest-hit cities reopen, the rise of remote work risks continues to be an existential threat to the business.

Now, flex office providers are becoming even more flexible in an attempt to align more closely with their customers’ needs during this period of immense uncertainty.

“For now, companies are listening to their employees and everyone wants something different – so rather than a future that favors either office or remote-centered work, I believe flexibility will be the real long-term shift we see,” Michelle Killoran, a real estate investor at OMERS Ventures, told Business Insider.

Serendipity Labs, a nationwide flex office provider that has a majority of its spaces in suburban and smaller cities, like Kansas City and Nashville, has launched a subscription service aimed at employers who want to supplement their staffs’ home office with another flexible workspace. Convene, which offers flexible offices as well as meeting and event spaces has quietly launched digital conferencing tools and workplace consulting services to serve a wider range of clients.

Companies are also looking to highlight how they can provide an even safer workplace experience during the pre-vaccine period, with enterprise-focused flex provider Industrious helping to launch an industry group focused on cleanliness and hygiene.

Subscriptions and suburban office space

The buzziest terms in the office world are “distributed work” and the “hub and spoke” model, ideas that look to find a middle ground between one central office and the fully-remote workspaces. By providing a variety of working locations, firms hope to see higher employee satisfaction and more resiliency during crises like the pandemic.

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