Suspect in Death of Chicago Police Commander: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know


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At approximately 2pm this afternoon, Paul Bauer, a Chicago police commander, died after being shot multiple times during a violent confrontation with an armed assailant, CBS Chicago reports. The suspect, whose name has been withheld from the public since he has not yet been formally charged with a crime, is currently in police custody. Additional details will be provided as soon as they are available.

Initial reports incorrectly stated that Bauer was off-duty when the shooting occurred. Commander Bauer was indeed on duty when the incident occurred, and had just completed a training session on responding to active shooters when he received an alert on his radio notifying him of the escalating situation with the suspect, just outside the Thompson Center, clarifies the Chicago Sun Times.

Here is what we know about the suspect thus far and the tragic events that unfolded today so far, which took place in downtown Chicago in an area known as The Loop.

The Suspect Was Apprehended And Arrested at The Scene

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It is believed that gunfire was exchanged at the scene between Bauer and the suspect. Bauer was shot multiple times, according to reports. He was transported to Northwestern Memorial Hospital, where he was later pronounced dead. Witnesses report that attempts to resuscitate Bauer were unsuccessful, and he was seen being transported on a stretcher, bleeding heavily, into an ambulance.

There are no reports as to whether or not the suspect, currently being referred to as a “person of interest” sustained any injuries during the confrontation.

Officers were able to apprehend the suspect and bring him into custody, along with the firearm that he reportedly had on his person, CBS Local reports.

The Suspect is a Felon With a Lengthy Criminal History

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The alleged suspect’s criminal history thus far has been reported by the Chicago Sun Times as follows:

“The 44-year-old suspect’s felony record goes back to 1998, when he was charged with armed robbery. He was convicted and sentenced to 16 years in prison.

In 2007, the man was charged with being a felon in possession of body armor, possession of a defaced firearm and possession of heroin. He got three years in prison on the gun charge, records show.

In 2011, he was charged with resisting an officer and battery. He was convicted of battery and given 30 days of community service, records show.

Finally, the suspect was convicted of drug possession in 2014 and received a two-year prison term.”

In an email from Superintendent Eddie Johnson to rank-and-file-officers, he wrote “the man suspected of killing an off-duty Chicago Police commander Tuesday in the Thompson Center was wearing body armor and has a long felony record, including a conviction for armed robbery, according to court records and police sources,” reports The Chicago Sun Times. Again, to reiterate, Commander Bauer was on duty at the time, contrary to initial reports.

Additionally, officers found a firearm on the suspect’s person, which was also taken into evidence.

The Circumstances of The Incident

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