Rikako Ikee, 18, who won six swimming gold medals at the Asian Games, revealed that she has leukemia on her Twitter account on Feb. 12.

Her message read:

“Dear those who have encouraged me and people concerned.

“Thank you for your continuous support. I was diagnosed with leukemia after urgently returning from Australia due to my bad health condition and taking an examination. I still cannot believe this, and it is confusing for me. However, leukemia is a disease that can be completely cured with sufficient treatment.

“For my schedule from now, I have no choice but to give up competing at the national swimming championships. I will now take a little rest and focus on treatment so that I can show you a stronger Rikako Ikee as soon as possible. If you continue to look over me with warm eyes, I will be happy.”

The Japan Swimming Federation is scheduled to hold an urgent news conference from 4 p.m. on Feb. 12.

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Source:: Daily times


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Teen swimming champ Rikako Ikee reveals she has leukemia:The Asahi Shimbun

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