Tesla fan creating “CyberRoadster” with Model 3 performance parts

A Tesla owner takes his hobby and love for electric vehicles to a new level by creating one of the coolest DIY projects related to electric vehicles yet. The idea for the project is simple: What happens when you cross a supercar with the Cybertruck? You end up with a two-seater CyberRoadster.

Tesla owner David Andreyev, who goes by the username @cyber_hooligan_ on Twitter, has spent the last few months creating a next-gen Cybertruck-inspired version of the Roadster, made from a salvaged Model 3 Performance. Starting with a Model 3 Performance is a brilliant choice considering it’s Tesla’s first vehicle to feature a dedicated track mode.

A look at Andreyev’s YouTube channel, which can be accessed here, shows the meticulous workmanship that the Tesla owner put into the project car. What’s particularly cool about the CyberRoadster is that it’s built using parts that are also found on other Tesla vehicles, like the front bumper, which is taken from a new Model S. Recent videos suggest the project car’s rear bumper will come from a new Model S, too.

The journey is long for Andreyev, so the completion of the CyberRoadster will probably take some time. Still, it’s more than satisfying to see the Tesla owner’s DIY journey on such an epic build. And considering that the CyberRoadster is obviously an affair of the heart of the Tesla owner, the end results would likely be very worthwhile.

There are a lot of crazy Tesla modifications that have been done lately. But some, as is the case with many things on the internet these days, have become silly gimmicks rather than serious automotive projects. Luckily, car enthusiasts like Andreyev, who also happen to love electric vehicles, are taking it upon themselves to create unique electric vehicles that would surely catch everyone’s attention on the road.

Watch the latest video in the development of the CyberRoadster below.

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