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Flasks make it easy to take alcoholic beverages on the go and keep them cold.
They come in a range of materials from pewter and copper to glass and leather-covered steel.
Handmade in Sheffield, England, the Wentworth pewter flask is our top pick for its functional yet beautiful aesthetic that’s likely to become and heirloom and low price. 

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Whether you’re relaxing after a long day at work or want to break out some bourbon to share with a buddy, there’s no better way to keep a swig handy than with an iconic, hip flask.

Although people have been finding creative ways to carry booze for ages, the flask as we know it came around the 18th or 19th century, and was especially popular when alcohol became heavily restricted or even outlawed in certain states or countries.

Today, flasks are generally made of metal — a definite improvement over the leather or earthenware canteens of days long past — with pewter, copper, and steel being the most common. The sleek, usually curved design serves two practical purposes: It lets you easily and comfortably carry it in your pocket and is more discreet and convenient than lugging around a bottle or can. 

Although the days of prohibition are long gone, a well-made flask remains an indispensable part of any gentleman’s or lady’s EDC kit. Just remember to keep abreast of your local regulations, as flasks do fall under open container laws.

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Whatever your reason for wanting one, we’ve done the research and picked out the best flasks across a range of styles, needs, and price points.

Here are the best flasks:

Best overall: Wentworth pewter flask
Best leather-wrapped flask: Moore & Giles leather-wrapped steel flask
Best for outdoors: Stanley Adventure stainless steel flask
Best glass flask: Bormioli Rocco glass flask
Best copper flask: Jacob Bromwell copper flask

Updated on 9/15/2020 to edit prices, links, and formatting.

The best overall

Expertly crafted in the famous “steel city” of Sheffield, England, this lustrous hip flask from Wentworth Pewter is functional, beautiful, and easily the best to be had.

When it comes to flasks, most on the market are made in China from stainless steel, and are usually not built to meet high quality or safety standards, and may taint your drink.

Instead, pay a little extra for something like English pewter. Modern pewter goods are durable, safe, and completely lead-free. Pewter is favored for dinnerware and drinkware due to its durability, unique luster, and low cost relative to silver. A lot of pewter goods today come from England, and this beautiful and functional hip flask …read more

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