The best places to buy women’s jeans


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A great pair of jeans is a staple that everyone should have in their wardrobe.
Our favorite place to buy jeans is Everlane because the denim fits well, is affordable, and is made transparently.

If there’s an equivalent in your closet to, say, butter in your refrigerator, it must be your favorite pair of jeans. Is there a food that butter does not improve? No. Is there an outfit that a good pair of jeans does not make better? Absolutely not. Is butter a necessary part of life? Yes. Do you need jeans to get through society? Surely. You see, the parallels are uncanny.

While there exists no shortage of stores from which to purchase your new favorite bottoms, there are a few places that we turn to without fail for a great pair of long-lasting, comfortable, and good-looking jeans. And that’s because they satisfy a few key criteria.

What we look for in a pair of jeans

Comfort: First and foremost, you’ll want your jeans to be incomparably comfortable. After all, I practically live in my favorite pair, and that’s only the case because wearing them and wearing leggings are about equal when it comes to mobility and stretchability.

Cut: The boot cut, believe it or not, appears to be making a comeback, though other classics like the straight cut or skinny cut are also great options. Be sure that your favorite jean purveyor offers more than just one jean varietal — after all, you’ll need different jeans for different occasions.

Price: While a great pair of jeans will last you for years on end (and as such, can justify a high price tag), it simply is not the case that buying a great pair of pants requires you to pay an arm and two legs.

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Quality: Given that the fabric can make or break your pants, this is certainly no place to skimp. Be sure that your favorite jean purveyor sources its denim from top of the line suppliers, and know how to take care of this durable material. After all, the longer you own your jeans, the better they look.

No matter which of our favorite stores you choose for your next shopping spree, we’re sure you won’t be disappointed.

Here are the best places you can buy women’s jeans:

Best place to buy jeans overall: Everlane
Best place to buy comfortable jeans: Mott & Bow
Best place to buy plus-size jeans: Warp + Weft
Best place to buy petite jeans: Madewell

Best place to buy high-end jeans: Rag & Bone

Best place to buy skinny jeans: Liverpool
Best place to buy performance jeans: DUER

Prices and links current as of 9/9/2020.

The best place to buy women’s jeans overall

Somehow, Everlane’s wide selection of jeans looks great on just about everyone. Coupled with the brand’s radical transparency and affordable prices, Everlane denim is a hit. 

Source:: Business Insider


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