The Bidens and Biden associates who received Chinese money

House Oversight Committee Chairman James Comer announced Thursday that on March 1, 2017 — less than two months after Joe Biden stepped down as Vice President of Barack Obama — State Energy HK Limited, a company associated with the affiliated with Chinese Communist Party-backed energy company CEFC China Energy, remitted $3 million to Biden family collaborator Rob Walker.

The windfall was then divided among at least three members of the Biden clan and two employees of the Biden family over a period of about three months.

According to Comer (R-Ky.), this is how the $3 million from China was distributed:

James Gilliar: $1,065,000

Gilliar, a former British special forces officer with ties to British intelligence, was a business partner of Hunter Biden.

James Gilliar was a business partner of Hunter Biden. “Photo provided by Marco Polo”.

His company, European Energy and Infrastructure Group (EEIG) in Abu Dhabi, was transferred his share of Walker’s funds the day after the initial payment of $3 million from State Energy HK Limited.

The Post reported exclusively in October 2020 that Hunter Biden’s infamous laptop contained a May 2017 email from Gilliar proposing that the “big guy” get 10% of the CEFC deal.

The “big guy” is reportedly President Biden.

John “Rob” Walker: $869,308

The Biden family collaborator’s Robinson Walker LLC bank account appears to have held the remnants of the $3 million Chinese wire transfer after Walker paid nearly identical sums of $1,065,000 and $1,065,692 to Gilliar or members of the Biden family had distributed.

Walker is a former Clinton administration official whose wife, Betsy Massey Walker, was an assistant to First Lady Jill Biden during Joe Biden’s vice presidency.

Rob Walker speaks to The Post on March 28, 2022 at his home in Little Rock, AR. DANIEL WILLIAM MCKNIGHT

Hunter Biden: $610,692

The first son’s accounts at Owasco PC and RSTP II, LLC, as well as an account at First Clearing LLC that the committee believes belongs to Hunter Biden, received six remittances from Robinson between March 27, 2017 and April 18, 2017 Walker LLC in amounts between $10,692 and $300,000.

A spokesman for Hunter Biden’s legal team said Thursday: “Hunter Biden, a private individual with every right to pursue his own business endeavors, has joined several business partners to seek a joint venture with a legitimate energy company in China.

Hunter received his share of bona fide entry fees, which he shared with his uncle James Biden and Hallie Biden… and no one else.”

Hunter Biden’s laptop has been at the center of all his scandals.

Hunter Biden and his uncle James Biden received around $4.8 million from CEFC China Energy between 2017 and 2018, according to previous reports of Hunter’s abandoned laptop.

The Oversight Committee notes that on November 9, 2015, Robinson Walker LLC transferred $59,900 to one of Hunter Biden’s accounts and another $59,900 to Gilliar’s EEIG account.

The committee is not sure which company was responsible for the initial transfer of these funds, totaling $179,836.86, to Walker’s account.

Rep. James Comer (R-KY) has released several names of the Biden family who have benefited from overseas business connections. The Washington Post via Getty Images

James Biden: $360,000

The President’s brother received five payments ranging from $15,000 to $125,000 from April 3, 2017 to May 18, 2017. The money was transferred by Walker to James Biden’s account at JBBSR INC.

James Biden, President Joe Biden’s younger brother, at the White House on Oct. 13, 2011.AP

James Biden’s collaboration with HillStone International, a subsidiary of construction management firm Hill International, was also scrutinized.

Last month, an affidavit claimed the now-first brother used his famous surname to lure construction company Hill International out of a deal with the Saudi government.

The first brother reportedly told a private investigator that he was often recruited to represent Hill in meetings “because of course the name didn’t hurt” and that in February 2012 he attended a meeting with Saudi officials “because of his position and relationship.” participated” with his older brother.

Private investigator, former Treasury Department official Thomas Sullivan noted that the first brother’s wife, Sara, escorted him to his car after speaking with James and revealed that her husband and his older brother Joe were very close and that loudly Sullivan “They told each other everything.”

Sara Biden also told Sullivan that “he doesn’t like it when we talk to people,” the ex-financier recalled — an obvious reference to Joe.

Hunter Biden and Hallie Biden on November 5, 2016.

Hallie Biden: $25,000

The widow of Beau Biden, who died of brain cancer in 2015, and mother of two of the president’s grandchildren, Natalie and Robert Hunter, dated the president’s disgraced son Hunter from around 2016 to 2019, a period that marked the deals with China a castle .

According to the committee, in March 2017, Hallie Biden received two separate payments from Walker’s account totaling $25,000.

She also apparently received $10,000 from Walker in February 2017 before the Chinese payment totaled $3 million.

Delaware Attorney General Beau Biden and his wife Hallie at a campaign event Nov. 2, 2010. AP

Unknown Biden: $70,000

Four payments were made to an “unknown Biden” between March 6, 2017 and May 17, 2017, according to the committee. Payments ranged from $5,000 to $25,000.


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