The booming cybersecurity industry has 350,000 open jobs in the US — here’s how to land one even if you lack experience


Simone Petrella, CEO of the training firm CyberVista, has just co-authored a new cybersecurity jobs report.
In her 15-year career, Petrella has hired hundreds of workers — and trained thousands — in cybersecurity, which remains a booming jobs sector even in the economic downturn.
Many job-seekers talk themselves out of applying for a job because they lack specific experience or don’t want to move: These are mistakes, Petrella says.
Petrella’s five tips for landing one of the 350,000 open cybersecurity jobs posted on LinkedIn include remote interviewing guidance.
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Simone Petrella has hired hundreds of workers and trained thousands in the booming cybersecurity industry throughout her career at the Department of Defense, Booz Allen, and now as the CEO of the training firm CyberVista. To make her experience available to job seekers, she just co-authored a new report that offers people guidance on how to land one of the nearly 350,000 open cybersecurity jobs in the US – even if they don’t want to move and lack specific qualifications.

As other industries have held layoffs, cybersecurity has added jobs during the pandemic as the shift to remote work has changed companies’ vulnerabilities, making it a rare bright spot in the country’s gloomy job market. More than 100,000 cybersecurity jobs were added to LinkedIn’s postings in June, the report found.

Many people talk themselves out of applying for openings because they lack experience or because a job is in another city, Petrella says, yet her firm found that more than half of the current cybersecurity job openings across the country are entry-level positions.

The bottom line is that cybersecurity is a job market rich with opportunity – yet many seeking a new job shy away from the industry out of misconceptions of what companies are looking for, Petrella says. Here are her five tips for job-seekers.

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Don’t fail to apply because you don’t meet all the criteria

“This may apply especially to women and minority candidates,” Petrella says, “It’s been well-documented that many job-seekers fail to apply for a job because they don’t meet all the criteria for it or lack the years of experience a company says they are looking for.”

That’s a huge mistake in cybersecurity, where a longtime talent gap means companies have been unable to find candidates with the very experience they say they require.

“Many times the experience that companies say they need is just not there in the market. You may think you can’t apply for a job that requires 15 years of cloud security experience,” she said. “Well, nobody has 15 years of cloud experience. Those jobs didn’t exist 15 years ago.”

Take the trainings you need now

Cybersecurity is an evolving industry in which workers learn new skills continually. It is also a rare sector where a wealth of resources are available online. (See bottom of article for more.) If job-seekers are home with time on their hands, plunging into trainings is a great idea, says Petrella.

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