For her directorial debut, Danielle Panabaker wasn’t handed any ol’ episode of The CW’s . Rather, she was tasked with bringing to life Nora West-Allen’s backstory (which of course takes place far into the future. Time travel!).

This season’s 18th episode (airing Tuesday at 8/7c) also picks up in the wake of the awaited reveal that Nora traveled back in time under the tutelage of none other than Reverse-Flash, which set Barry off bigtime, and those emotions won’t cool right away. TVLine spoke with Panabaker about her debut behind the camera and the critical scenes she had the opportunity to oversee.

TVLINE | What was the biggest or the most interesting challenge that this particular script presented to you as the director?
This particular script largely takes place in the year 2049 – it’s Nora’s origin story, so we’re flashing forward to the future – and I think that was the biggest challenge, creating a world 30 years in the future on a TV episodic budget. It allowed everyone to be really creative and really push themselves, but it was certainly a challenge.

TVLINE | When we left off, things had gotten super intense after Nora’s secret came out. Are there a lot of WestAllen family emotions going on?
Absolutely. I mean, that storyline is actually going to continue even past this episode a little bit, into 519, but yes, the betrayal that Barry feels is devastating to him. And as parents, they have to deal with this struggle that we have seen in a couple different ways this season, but not at this level of “how to parent” and what should they do.

TVLINE | I don’t recall seeing Grant like that in a scene, and maybe you haven’t either. Barry’s reaction was so explosive, it was kind of startling.
I mean, Reverse-Flash is his greatest villain. He killed his mother in front of him, so to find out that your daughter has aligned herself with him…. I don’t know how you get over that.

TVLINE | Do you think an episode that is more about emotions, is more about plot, is more accessible for a first-time director than if they’d given you something that was action-heavy?
I don’t know about more accessible. Certainly it’s a different challenge, and fortunately, it’s a language I speak being an actor and having studied characters so often. I’m not sure a first-time director who wasn’t an actor would have easily understood the nuances of these characters. I also have the great fortune of living with all these characters for 110 episodes, so I deeply and intimately know their backstories.

TVLINE | Just before you called, The CW released photos from the episode and there’s this one of Eobard in his future prison cell with Barry staring him down. Tease the mood of that scene.
When I read my script, I was excited to shoot that scene, in particular, from the very beginning. I think Eobard actually has a line earlier in the season where he says [to Nora], …read more

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The Flash ‘s Danielle Panabaker Details the Challenges of Directing Nora’s Backstory – Godspeed Tease Included

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