This week’s new episode of The Flash, titled “Godspeed,” promises to be a huge one, and not just because Barry ( Grant Gustin) will finally confront his time-traveling daughter, Nora ( Jessica Parker Kennedy), about her lie of omission about working with the Reverse Flash ( Tom Cavanagh). It’s also a milestone because it will serve as Danielle Panabaker’s directorial debut!

This won’t be the first time a Flash cast member has stepped behind the camera – Cavanagh has done it three times so far – but that meant Panabaker didn’t have to be the metaphorical first pancake. Plus, she had a huge wealth of knowledge to draw from when it came time to learn the ropes.

TV Guide talked to Panabaker about the daunting task of taking on an episode that packs an emotional punch for all the characters involved and the challenges that come with directing yourself in some of those big cortex scenes.

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The first question when you’re directing an episode is, how much will we get to see your character given how much time you had to spend behind the camera?
Danielle Panabaker: Not as much. Caitlin is a little bit lighter in [Episode 18] because, in this episode, it opens sort of with a direct cut as Team Flash is reeling from learning the news that Nora was working with Eobard Thawne. And so as they try to unpack and unravel why Nora would have made this decision, they decide to read her journal and that is our portal into going back to the year 2049 – well, flash-forward to the year 2049 – and understanding Nora and how she came to be this way and how she came to be working with Thawne.

This is obviously a huge turning point in the season, so was it intimidating be to given such a big episode to direct?
Panabaker: Absolutely. Intimidating, yes, but also exciting. I was very lucky because I got a fantastic episode with a lot of great stories to tell, so that was really a challenge, but it was also exciting. You know you step up to the plate when something like that is asked of you.

And was the rest of the cast supportive since this was your first time directing?
Panabaker: Yes, I was very lucky. I think they all trusted me and understood that I was working incredibly hard on this episode, but I also wanted to allow them to really shine and to hopefully do their best work. On a TV schedule, it can be tough at times; there’s a lot of things you’re trying to accomplish in a day, but the performances are actually vitally important in this episode. The characters and the actors’ performances are very important, so I really just wanted to create an environment where the actors could do their best work, and I think they really shine – Grant, Jessica, and Tom, in particular, in this …read more

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The Flash’s Danielle Panabaker Teases ‘Gut-Wrenching’ Barry and Nora Moments in Her Directorial Debut | TV Guide

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