The GOP’s stupid crusade against Obamacare


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“I suspect it was more risky to visit the shopping center than to visit the gym.” — Norwegian Goril Bjerkan. Norway reopened gyms this week after conducting a controlled, randomized study that found no increase of Covid risk for gym-goers.


US hits highest number of confirmed coronavirus cases for the second day in a row: New cases topped 39,000 as the pandemic surges in the South and West, especially in Arizona. Younger patients comprise a “disturbing” percentage of the new cases. States are delaying or rolling back reopening plans. Texas closed its bars. The head of the CDC also said that the US probably has had 10 times as many infections — more than 20 million — than the official numbers say.
The House passed a sweeping police reform bill. Democrats and three Republicans voted for the bill, which would ban chokeholds and create a misconduct database. The bill was named for George Floyd. Democrats blocked a weaker Republican bill in the Senate, and a compromise law is unlikely. Today the House will also vote and approve a bill to make Washington, DC a state. It has zero chance in the Republican Senate.
It was definitely a noose. NASCAR released a photo of what it found in Bubba Wallace’s garage, and it’s a noose. The FBI says photographic evidence suggests it had been there for months, and thus wasn’t a hate crime targeting Wallace. But it’s sure a noose.

Trump’s latest effort to destroy Obamacare is particularly stupid

Has there ever been a more perverse use of time, energy, and taxpayer funds than the decade-long campaign to gut Obamacare? The Affordable Care Act was a mediocre law based on a conservative think tank’s proposal that provides a few bare protections for Americans — protections that every developed country in the world gives routinely.

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And it was a magnificent gift to Republicans. It got them off the hook for having to do real healthcare reform — the kind that really would socialize medicine. It made Democrats responsible for all the delays and horrors that still plague American healthcare. And it took the best Democratic campaign message off the table.

But Republicans simply refused to accept the gift. In act after act of nihilistic self-sabotage, Republicans have spent a decade trying to destroy Obamacare (70 attempts to repeal it in the House! 70!) And last night, the Trump administration did it again.

In the midst of a pandemic, as tens of millions of Americans lose jobs and health insurance, the Trump administration asked the Supreme Court to annihilate the ACA. The Trump administration is joining a bunch of red states in arguing that the entire law must fall because the individual mandate no longer has any tax penalty attached to it.

Wiping out the law would endanger the insurance of …read more

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