The James Brand Unsheathes Sleek New Carbon Fiber Knife

While the best pocket knives boast an air of utility, there’s a level of craft that takes everyday carry gear above and beyond — The James Brand harnesses that approach handsomely with a new limited-edition offering.

The James Brand Barnes Knife was designed with the ethos that “simplicity is the ultimate sophistication,” with a sleek profile and even more impressive fabrication.

(The James Brand)

At the heart of the Barnes Knife (previously released in limited-edition designs) is the use of carbon fiber and distinctive damasteel in the blade.

From blade to tip, The James Brand cut no corners (pun intended), including the use of Bohler M390 stainless steel in the blade, which the EDC company notes is arguably the best blade steel.

(The James Brand)

And befitting its rare materials and hard-working construction, it’s a top-shelf design throughout: Only 19 units are available, and at the hefty price tag of $1,349.

(The James Brand)

The titanium framelock knife is crafted using CNC machining from a solid billet of 6AL4V titanium, giving the integral design ” the ability to do things with the form that you cannot do in standard knife construction,” the knifemaker noted.

In short, fewer pieces than a standard knife creates a more seamless and durable operation.

(The James Brand)

Using one solid billet of titanium presented its own set of challenges, like “hollowing out a canoe from a singular log,” the company added.

Black woven carbon fiber adds strength and rugged toughness to the handle, with smooth action enhanced by sealed ceramic bearings at the main pivot.

(The James Brand)

A machined titanium pocket clip even ensures this knife won’t vanish when attached to canvas work pants or selvedge denim, for instance.

(The James Brand)

And true EDC lovers, potentially including very lucky dads receiving this knife on Father’s Day, have a little something extra to enjoy: The James Brand outfitted its new Barnes limited-edition knife kit with an accompanying coin, a first for the company.

Impressive knives like this don’t come around that often, and with only 19 units available, it’s a safe bet that the latest limited edition of The James Brand Barnes Knife will prove a trusty and covetable collector’s item for the EDC-obsessed.

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