The King of Jordan’s $620,000 bulletproof Ford Excursion limo is on the market for just $84,000 — see inside

Becker Automotive Design Ford Excursion.

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If you’re in the market for a vehicle that’s built like a tank, has an interior fit for royalty, and costs about the same as a Toyota Land Cruiser, today may be your lucky day. 

A swanky, custom-built, armored Ford Excursion limo has hit the market for just $84,000 through dealer Prestige Auto Credit. What’s more, it cost more than $600,000 and was owned by the King Abdullah II of Jordan, according to the selling dealer. 

The SUV’s royal provenance helps to explain its nearly $200,000 in armoring upgrades, which include ballistic glass, electrified door handles, and an air-filtration system that protects against chemical, biological, or nuclear attack. 

As one might expect from a vehicle owned by a monarch, the Excursion’s interior isn’t too shabby either, having been stretched and packed full of luxury upgrades. 

Sneak a peek of the surprisingly cheap royal ride, first spotted by The Drive, below. 

A luxurious, heavily armored Ford limo just hit the market, and the selling dealer says it used to belong to King Abdullah II of Jordan.

Starting its life as normal 2005 Ford Excursion, the SUV was overhauled by Becker Automotive Design, which has built custom limos for high-profile clients like Tom Brady and Sylvester Stallone.

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Although Becker declined to disclose whether it built this vehicle for the King of Jordan, the company did acknowledge it has worked with the leader in the past.

The limo originally cost its buyer $620,000, according to the selling dealer, and invoices show hundreds of thousands of dollars in upgrades. It only has 4,000 miles on it.

The interior boasts European-leather seats with heating, cooling, and massaging functions.

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The seats also have fold-out airline-style tray tables …

… and Becker built in a fridge/freezer unit along with a “refreshment center.”

The limo’s multiple flip-down screens are hooked up to external security cameras and DVD players — this was the mid 2000s, mind you.

The window switches came off of a Rolls-Royce, and the limo features plenty of wood accents.

Plus, the Excursion boasts three integrated cell phones, a satellite phone, a pair of Dell laptops, and a printer.

All in all, Becker charged around $120,000 for “interior enhancements,” not including an $18,000 audio system and a $34,000 video system.

Not to mention, Becker built out the SUV with nearly $200,000 in armoring.

That included an anti-exploding fuel tank, ram bumpers, ballistic glass, and armored body panels.

Becker also equipped the car with a $15,500 air-filtration system, which “removes nuclear, biological, and chemical components from the air.”

The vehicle’s electrified, anti-grab door handles stun any unwanted visitors.

And the car sports a PA system, siren, and strobe lights.

This tricked out Ford Excursion is listed through Prestige Auto Credit for the bargain-bin price of just $84,000.

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