Let’s take a moment to imagine a world in which time travel exists. A world where, if we could rewind the clock by 10 minutes, and a butterfly somewhere in Japan flapped its wings just a millisecond faster, then maybe-just maybe-Luann could have apologized to Barbara when she very calmly told her that she has felt unsupported by Luann on this trip. And if that butterfly had flapped its wings differently, and if Luann had recognized her friend’s hurt feelings and apologized for her part in them, then maybe-just maybe-the cast of The Real Housewives of New York City could have enjoyed their liquid nitrogen cocktails and the lobster pop-tarts served in a giant toaster, and whatever other rich-people pretend food they ordered in peaceful harmony…

But that is not what happened. [Note from the recapper: My understanding of the butterfly effect is based entirely on the 2004 film starring Ashton Kutcher, and if I’m remembering that viewing experience from 15 years ago correctly, I think lobster pop-tarts played a key role. Do not correct me if I’m wrong.]

Luann could not apologize to Barbara. Because Luann, seemingly now more than ever, is under the impression that she’s never done anything wrong in her life, and the suggestion that she has is the ultimate betrayal. If someone tells Luann that she’s hurt them in some way, she responds that it’s hurtful for them to say that. So when six women are shouting, slurring, and hyperventilating in her general direction about how she’s been hurting them, I can see how she sees that as an attack. But it doesn’t make what they’re attempting to tell her invalid.

And listen, I’m not suggesting that Bethenny running around the dinner table like a kamikaze pilot in a crop top, ruining the smoking-popsicle-drinks of 30 nearby patrons was a great way to handle the situation…

But at some point, we’re gonna have to s-t or get off the pop-tart with Luann, if y’know what I’m saying.

The other women no longer seem to be able to tolerate her narcissism, and she seems unwilling to even pretend to change while still wanting to hold onto that Bravo paycheck that keeps her flush with statement necklaces. Do I want to lose scenes of Luann staring at a small poster of herself on the outside of an auditorium in Miami, weeping over her own success? No. But the idea of her having a friendship with anything other than a mirror or a particularly shiny spoon is starting to feel unsustainable at this point.

And, speaking of unsustainable-Sonja Morgan ramming her body into large glass surfaces. Everyone wakes up the morning after their weird party looking like they got run over by a truck and wearing their sunglasses in bed. Except, of course, Sonja, who never glows brighter than the morning after a night of binge drinking. And yet, Bethenny comes stalking into the room in her fuzzy robe with her sunglasses on to look directly into Sonja’s glowing face because they need to …read more

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