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Warning: There are spoilers ahead for “The Walking Dead” season 10, episode six, “Bonds.”
Eugene gets in contact with a mystery woman while tinkering with his radio at the Hilltop on Sunday’s episode.
Josh McDermitt tells Insider that’s the voice of Margot Bingham (“Boardwalk Empire”).
He’s not 100% certain whether or not that’s the same voice we heard in the season nine finale.
Eugene’s happy to have someone to speak with after getting shot down by Rosita.
“This is a guy who is not in a good place emotionally. He feels depressed. He feels left out,” said McDermitt.
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Eugene finally makes contact with someone else on Sunday’s episode of “The Walking Dead” thanks to his new high-frequency radio.

Is the mystery woman the same person we heard on the season nine finale? Not even star Josh McDermitt, who plays Eugene on the show, is certain.

“I think when that mystery radio person came on at the end of season nine, in my mind I went… that’s the person who he’s going to talk to on the radio,” Josh McDermitt, who plays Eugene on “TWD,” tells Insider. “But that was never clear to me by [showrunner] Angela [Kang] and the writers.”

“Maybe it is, and they just didn’t want to assume I was an idiot and couldn’t put that together myself. Or it might be something else. I can’t say with 100% certainty,” he added.

McDermitt tells us exactly who voices the mystery radio voice from Sunday’s episode, whether or not it was a good idea to give her his full name, how lonely Eugene is after being rejected by Rosita, and how he wants nothing to do with the Whisperers.

McDermitt’s reaction to finding out about the mystery woman on the radio and what it means for Eugene’s character, who has been awfully lonely in the zombie apocalypse.

Kirsten Acuna: Something exciting happened on Sunday’s episode. Eugene made contact with someone else on the radio!

Josh McDermitt: He did.

Acuna: What was your reaction when reading that in the script?

McDermitt: I’m excited. This is a guy who is not in a good place emotionally. He feels depressed. He feels left out. As he said in one of the previous episodes, his relationship with Rosita, he had a crushing moment of clarity when he realized that this woman that he was longing for was not going to return the favor. He was hoping to get rezoned into love town, I guess was the term. And when he realized, “Oh, this is never going to happen and I’ve been such a fool to do this,” that really threw him.

McDermitt: He’s been wanting to connect with people. You kind of felt like he had to get onto Hilltop, and hang out there. But he really wanted to, with his loneliness and everything, he just wanted to be in a relationship, and was just looking to connect with people. I think we saw that a little bit too with Nabila. She came up and …read more

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‘The Walking Dead’ star Josh McDermitt confirms voice behind the mystery person on the radio on Sunday’s episode

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