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Dressing up on Halloween night wasn’t always just a creative way to celebrate All Hallows’ Eve. In fact, costumes used to be functional. Halloween masks, gowns, and capes can be traced back two centuries to when the Celtics first dressed in costumes and masks to ward off malevolent spirits.

Not only has the reason for costumes changed but the costumes themselves have changed as well. Over the past century, Halloween costumes have transformed from family-friendly, modest, and homemade creations to store-bought, creepy, and often “sexy” attire.

Here’s how some classic Halloween costumes changed from then to now.

Minnie Mouse costumes haven’t always been the cute mouse we know.

Minnie Mouse costumes used to be anything but magical. Instead of a simple red dress with white polka dots, the Minnie Mouse costumes of the past included creepy oversized hands and feet. A full headpiece was worn that resembled the mouse of your nightmares.

Disney-inspired costumes have gone from creepy to adorable.

Today, Minnie Mouse costumes are much cuter, especially on children. Donning mouse ears and a simple red and white polka dotted dress is a staple for the Minnie Mouse costume these days.

Superhero costumes date back to the ’50s.

Hollywood has recently ignited a Renaissance of superheroes with the success of “The Avengers” and other Marvel heroes. But children have dressed as their favorite comic book characters dating back to the 1950s.

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THEN AND NOW: How 10 classic Halloween costumes have changed over time

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